1 Pickle = 1 Dill lock ideas

Many of us have united in the idea that it would be beneficial to either automate a system which automatically locks 1 Pickle = 1 Dill without any decay, whether this is possible is another story.

Something more possible may be being able to lock our Pickles for more than 4 years, but under the notion that 1 Pickle = 1 Dill whether it is a 4 year lock or 40 year lock - probably simpler.

The last idea is the concept of an infinity lock, accepting that you are locking your pickles until the end of the universe, a pretty nifty idea, but perhaps not everyone’s favorite choice due to the fact our lives are currently finite, and probably will be for the foreseeable future.

Leave any ideas or critiques below :cowboy_hat_face: :pirate_flag:


Trying to think through how to implement this technically on top of the existing Infrastructure… Is there currently a cap on the time period that can be inputted?
If so, we can’t increase the cap, thus a new contract would have to act as a proxy… Can another account deposit for you are re-up someone else’s deposit?

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could it be done as a jar – like yveCRV?

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If it’s done like yveCRV, then probably like jomari said, someone or some kind of proxy has to act as the initiator to extend the DILL manually.

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@Jomari & @sevenz yeah this is probably the most realistic, theoretically could there be a toggle which users can toggle to have a pickle.finance automate mass re-locking of the pickles on their behalf?

i suppose it cost would be pretty high in gas but i am not a programmer

I like the idea, but not sure how it’s possible without people locking in a proxy (I.E. yvecrv) I think this will happen eventually by yearn itself, which could be even better than us implementing it. That would mean they would also want strategies that take advantage of our pickle boosts. I also think the team should focus development efforts on growing TVL in this critical time.

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Haha, fair point Cipio

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Maybe just add a lock for 5 years (or 4.5 years) where 1 Pickle = 1 DILL for the first year/six months and then it will start to decay. I wouldn’t mind re-locking every 6 months instead of weekly/monthly.

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