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I noticed this post yesterday. I’ve seen a quite few similar posts to this, and am (to some degree) in the same boat.

This morning I was looking at putting something in Pickle farming, but gave up. This is not the first time this has happened. Again, this is in no way a criticism of the Pickle site; it’s DeFi in general. Pickle is better than most.

Here the sort of thing I mean. On the Site we have this:

I get the basic idea of putting LP into a Pjar, receiving a “p” version of the token which I then put into a farm. At least that’s what I expect from knowing Yearn.

So let’s take a look at pJar 0.9a

The nomenclature suggests DAI/ETH is the LP pair, and UNI suggests that the pair belongs to the Uniswap AMM. My assumption is that I will get a “p” version of this when I deposit which I can then invest in the corresponding Farm.

Looking at the farms, the closest match I see is:

But I’m not confident enough to start buying LP and paying to put it in a pJar to test that this is correct.

I see the “p” which I expect, the UNI is still there, but where I the ETH, and what is V2?
Am I mistaken? Is this actually a UNI/DAI pair? If I go back to check the pJars, I don’t see one for UNI/DAI. Will I look like a fool if I ask in the Discord. Hmm, I’ll leave it for now. Oh someone on Twitter said I should have some LINK, let’s see what that’s about…
You get the idea.

There are other questions such as:
“is 3poolCRV the same the p3CRV in the Farm?”
“What is RenBTCCRV? Do I want to risk my Bitcoin in an LP pair with CRV?” – The link sends me to Curve, but there’s not much help there… it’s looks like an interface for making a RenBTC/WBTC pair. Is that for stabilising BTC variants in the same way as stable coins is done?

While it’s not Pickle’s responsibility to make Curve’s products easier to understand, it might be in Pickle’s interest to make sure anything used in Pickle investing is clearly explained somewhere.

Consistency of naming would help. It seems close to:
pAMM (Token or Token/Token pair) but it’s not quite consistent.

Perhaps a diagram with colours & key would help.

Or something similar in a ELI5 flow chart:

Screenshot 2020-10-19 at 23.02.29


Some really good points raised here. I particularly agree that Pickle doesnt have to take the mantle on to educate their users about everything DeFI, but the important cogs that make up the Pickle machine should have the ELI5 touch to them. It should be easy for people to come from the outside of crypto especially tired of traditional financial systems where there is no sense of how anything actually works to the average Joe and feel confident about how the Pickle machine works!! Not sure why more users are not interacting with these forum posts though??!! I was expecting more newbies to at least interact and voice their opinions. But may be its just the point you made about not being confident to ask questions because you feel like you dont know enough about this space !!

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It’s quite possible that the people who are fairly new to Pickle don’t discover/get involved with the forum so much.

Gabrielhaines has swiftly drawn up a great diagram for pJar 0.88

I think that for the more complex Jar/Farm combos, we might need to separate what the user has to do from what Pickle does. So start with something like this:

Then move on to a more complete diagram like Gabriel suggested.


thanks for the shout out

I also made a similar chart for the unipools a couple weeks back

The Curve.Fi_Y Vault (5)|353x500

(idk why it wont display)

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This diagram and post has been very helpful. As a newbie it took me 3-4 days of no success trying to just pepper into Jars or Farms with lots of uncertainty and getting rejected transactions. Now have a 1 amount in a jar and another amount in a farm. I have yet to see and single video or written explanation that explains how long it takes for the series of transactions to complete or what the total number of transactions are for expectation management. This morning I migrated from one farm to another farm and paid like $110, then another 2 confirm transactions afterward for small amounts which was all a discovery requiring a great deal of patience to wait and to follow something that is unclear. Had I found this post last week it may have been less uphill. In all, a long winded way of saying thank you for this helpful post.