A platform for brainstorming potential new farms

Since there is no formal roadmap for Pickle and I keep coming across proposals that are far away from Pickle Finance’s bread and butter, I’d like to propose perfecting the process of discovering new farms.

At the moment the process is a bit clunky. The farm selection is mainly done by the team. Users submit proposals for farms on https://feedback.pickle.finance/ but the engagement there is limited.

The goal is to get more engagement in discussions about potential new farms.

I’d like to propose making a new platform tailored to selection of new farms.

Key concepts:

  • goal to achieve better engagement than https://feedback.pickle.finance/
  • strong reputation system
  • (optional) easy way to filter out posts from users with low reputation
  • users learn about new coins and share their opinions, it’s an opportunity for them to learn and invest in these new projects early
  • potential for tipping symbolic amount of pickle to those who’s contributions are most valuable

Now I’m not sure what is the best way forward, the following could be good:

  • make some adjustments to make feedback.pickle.finance more popular
  • move this functionality to Discord
  • build an entirely new collaboration tool, based on some existing solutions (any good ideas?)

Ideally I’d like to see threads about muiltiple farms. If we use the current forum template, the threads with most replies would be on the top. There would be voting at the top of each farm proposal. New users have to go through some painful verification to get in. Maybe deploying a completely new forum dedicated to new farms, similar to this forum would be a good way to deal with proposals for new coins. Users would get whitelisted in dilldao and new users without whitelisting would not be able to register.
In the thread regarding randomnewcoinfarm, I’d like to see how fellow picklers have voted, what Chim, Anon, Lee, Wunder and others think about it. I’d like people to comment about emissions, potential market fit, reputation etc.