A UI for the Pickle Treasury

It would be cool to see a page for the pickle treasury, in which we can see the dollar / pickle denominated value accrued in real time to the treasury. I’m sure somewhere along the way has suggested something similar. But what if it resembled a massive Pickle Jar that drops in new pickles when more value is added? It can show the overall health of the treasury , and maybe we can also set treasury goals and campaigns to meet those goals.



Love the idea of a visualisation of the treasury as a filling pickle jar. I assume you mean something like https://txstreet.com/


hell yeah. that’s pretty dope.

that is an original, theme-focused and pretty awesome idea @Lyucei ;-D Also whole “goals” and “campaigns” thing is epic - we can def gamify this in a long run to activate user base.

This is amazing! First time I see this one