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Problem — At present when a first-time visitor lands on the website, there is no path to understanding what the project is, how it works, etc. This may be causing us to lose customers we may have otherwise converted.

Solution — I understand the team is working on a new landing page, that would be the permanent solution to this problem. Until that is finished and deployed, I propose the temporary solution of immediately adding an “About” link to the site that points to the website.

The website has been designed, from information architecture and UX perspectives, to convert. It’s card based, and using only six cards (related to the knowledge that humans deal best with less than seven concurrent concepts), and only has one primary CTA (call-to-action), a big link back to Pickle Finance.

The site received tremendous praise on Twitter (47 retweets and 175 likes, not bad given that I’m not an influencer). A number of our customers in Discord have made positive expressions about the site, including a couple that asked why it’s not linked to from the main Pickle site.

Risks/Mitigation — As I created the site, there’s a risk that I could maliciously change the content. The mitigation to this risk relates to the technology used to build it. The site lives exclusively in a GitHub repository, and is hosted by GitHub itself. The website is rebuilt each time there is a code commit. To address the risk that I’d maliciously change the content, I could give the Pickle team access to the repo. (I realize this doesn’t fully mitigate the risk.)

I’ve posted this for content a couple of times in Discord, and didn’t get a response, so I thought I’d post it here.


I like your site but as you noted with the risks I don’t think this largely benefits Pickle to be specifically associated with a website outside of the core website. Not only for the reasons you mentioned but I also think it will introduce confusion later once the actual website is updated. I would say it is fine how it is since there is talk of a marketing push anyways which may be inline with an updated, more intuitive site.

Linking to something that’s not core-controlled is not ideal, I agree. On the other hand, we make no secret about relying on our community.

I disagree, however, that it would cause confusion. What is a specific example of confusion you would imagine?

We’ve literally had people in Discord ask why the site isn’t listed at, as it answered all the questions they had about the project. How many people landed on Pickle, and simply left without taking the time to find our Discord and ask?

In my opinion, all the downsides to (temporarily) linking to something community contributed would be compensated by converting one single customer we’d otherwise lose.

(Also, I personally in no way benefit from this site. As far as I know, it’s not mentioned on the site who created it.)

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I think confusion would arise later on if and when the Pickle website is updated. There will be two sources of information and one would previously be the go to source (your website). Also, if that is not maintained then it could lead to confusion. An example of website confusion would be after the UI update where the old design was and the new UI was I saw multiple people in the Discord confused about which site to use, which site was accurate, etc.

I think this is really a question of why the main website doesn’t have more available information versus linking to an external site. Also there are links to the Discord, forum and Twitter on the main page where if someone is actually interested they can find out more.

When the functional platform is running simultaneously on, and, of course that’s going to cause confusion. I see that as a totally different scenario though.

The day that relaunches with an informative landing page replacing the About link I’m proposing, I can’t really see anyone saying, “Wait a minute, there used to be an About link pointing to, and now all that information is directly located here on the site. But is still online! I’m confused!”

And once a person has learned about Pickle, the purpose of for them is finished; they never have a reason to return to it anyway. So once Pickle launches its own landing page, new users at that point won’t even be aware that that historical About link even existed.

This is precisely the reason I’m posting this suggestion—The current site has zero explanatory information, and this is a big problem. If they launch their landing page tomorrow, I’d cancel this proposal.

Links to social media and chat platforms ar not a substitute for having information immediately available on the website (or in near proximity, which is what I’m proposing). If you research the data related to website conversion, even the wrong location of a button on a screen can have dramatically detrimental effects on conversion; expecting users to head off to a social platform to understand what the thing is, by comparison, would be disastrous.

BTW, @pipickle it won’t be the end of the world if my proposal is not accepted. I don’t want to come across as argumentative. :slight_smile:

Great work on the website @dafacto
It’s a great starting point for new users.
Assuming any security concerns can be addressed, I support this.
Maybe under a section called ‘Community Resources’ to differentiate from official content.

No worries. I don’t take it that way. Just trying to get at the what makes most sense. As I mentioned, I like your site and think it is a great asset to the community.

I think this would actually be a good implementation of the idea that I could support. @yyctrader is on a roll with the ideas here. Haha.

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Pickle definitely needs a site like this. I think linking to a third party site, labelled as such, is fine. Worst case is you put a giant turd on the front page and the Pickle team pulls the link/disassociates.

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Agreed, until PICKLE has it’s own landing page on ABOUT or such, I think we need “community resource” to let new comers understand what are the benefit of using pickle and such.

Not everyone comes to Discord to ask around and we might lose potential people if it’s hard to navigate the site, and understanding the difference between jar and farm.

Agree, I had a rough week trying to understand how PICKLE works, checked your medium account, and still was confused after reading all the articles, I even tried forking contracts and understanding it individually and that was a failure obviously.

It was until sevenz ^^ thankfully provided the link for, and it literally saved me a lot of time where it had all the basic information someone would need before dealing with PICKLES.
So yeah you should definitely provide an obvious link for it for newcomers.

@sevenz @Youssef_Alaa

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