Audits and immutability

Hi. Are the smart contracts backing Pickle Fiance jars audited? Also, are they immutable? Who controls the private keys to thrm?

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Welcome to the community! We welcome you to read the docs: Audits and Timelock - Pickle Finance Docs and come join us in Discord!

The strategies used by the jars and the controller contact can be upgraded by the Pickle Multisig, but any changes like that have to go through a 24h timelock. The multisig has a proven track record of trust going back several years now.

Thanks for your reply. I did read the docs and join the Discord, but did not find the level of detail I was looking for regarding smart contract updates and time locks. I’ve used DeFi for a while but am NE new to auto compounding platforms like pickle. Would be nice if you had better docs to help newer folks like me understand in an easy way why we should trust your platform with our coins. As is, it’s not easy to figure this out.

I agree with you. I did my own audit before depositing, the contracts are all verified source and on GitHub.