BAC-DAI Keeper Bot

The new vault for the BAC-DAI pool is generating revenue insanely quickly causing the current methods of manual harvesting to leave funds in harvestable for a while. A quick rundown of the vault at current APY / TVL:

Earnings per day: ~$120k USD
Earnings per hour: ~$5k USD
Fees per day: ~$24k USD | 24 ETH
Fees per hour: ~$1k USD | 1 ETH

Weekly ETH: ~170 ETH

This weeks ETH earnings are 125 ETH - it will be very important to keep this jar harvesting and keep APY high. To address this, I have developed a keeper bot that currently will auto harvest at specific thresh holds depending on gas, and attempt to get the best bas price as well.

The keeper monitors the vault’s pending harvest and calls harvest at opportunistic times dependent on a few factors including: harvest size, gas price, and bas price.
This will attempt to maximize the return on the vault so we are not blindly harvesting at poor BAS prices, high gas prices, or too low / high harvest amounts.

The vault currently manages around 14mm TVL, and is expected to grow with the passing of the PIP effort by @0xBoxer Introduce a Pickle Farm for PJAR 0.99 BAC/DAI
This will likely see an uptick in TVL as well making it more important to keep the vault churning.

I will run this bot 24 / 7 and it should alleviate a lot of issues seen in the discord regarding harvest frequency. I am asking for 1 ETH for the efforts of developing the keeper as it can continue to be expanded to: sweep in vaults, act as a sweeper / keeper on other vaults in the future.

The bot can then be funded by the treasury and harvests should be completely automated.

Proof bot is working to call harvests as often as possible with good prices. I’ll be continuing to try to improve the bot to mitigate any downtime on harvests.


This is a very useful and immediately beneficial proposal and thank you @jintao for taking the initiative to buidl this. I am in support of this and would like to see this idea further developed to encompass a broader scope down the line.


Thank you so much, we can finally have efficient harvests :ok_hand:

Adding a poll. Let’s do this.

  • Pay Jintao 1 ETH for a Harvest Bot
  • Do Nothing

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Fully approve of this! In fact I don’t think you are asking for any hosting/maintenance fees which we should consider too. But let’s get started with this one being approved.


Thanks @jintao for developing the keeper bot, It really takes a burden off my shoulders. I think that no one will have objections to the 1 ETH for the bot’s development, so I have sent the requested funds. Let’s keep this thread open to discuss any potential enhancements/changes to the bot.