Brainstorming simple changes to increase pickle utility

Here are some ideas:

Voting - it’s obvious but still isn’t available, naked pickles deserve the same vote as LPs, based on total value staked

Dynamic staking rewards - again, obvious, but this is something that gives pickle extra meaning, an arbitrary figure of 35k can’t last forever nor does it look good when we want to become a DAO

Pickle income from naked staking - potential changes to block rewards as posted by

An amount of pickle needed to access the pickle bank, perhaps tiers? -

Post any ideas which add utility or meaning to the PICKLE down below, no matter how absurd you think it may be


One cool use could be lower fees in jars for pickle holders. Maybe a deduction proportional to the amount of pickles you have stacked/total number of stacked pickles

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Some potential jars are profitable, but will saturate quickly, so they will need to be restricted. Requiring to hold some pickle to be able to enter such a jar, would add value to pickle without restricting the growth potential of the jar.

The problem I see with that idea is that people will dump them on exit or the case where someone wouldn’t like to have pickles to interact with the projects

Those who will sell them on exit, probably bought them on entry, so the net effect is that some pickle is held during the time they are in the jar. As long as some of those traders will be in the jar, the price of pickle will be higher than it would otherwise be.
You are correct that some wouldn’t like to hold pickles (I am not a fan of these construction myself), but that would not restrict the total amount in the jar, because the jar needed to be restricted anyways. Most jars will not require to hold pickle, so everybody still has a place to go.

That’s not a bad idea, shesh, we could take it a step further and remove the withdraw fee slightly for every pickle held in time locked-staking?

I say boosted jars. Boosted jar holds LP and say 5% value in pickle. UI would have two boxes one for LP one for pickle. 10k eth/dai + 500 pickle. 10k to jar 500 to stake. Pros or cons anyone?