CALLING ALL ARTISTS : An Incubator For Creative Minds

To all the artists and creators in the community,

I wanted to create a thread for people to post their best artwork as sort of an incubator for creative ideas. I submitted a previous idea for a pickle theme centered around a pickle army, entitled “The case for a pickle army” if you’d like to read up on the proposal. This is not set in stone but thought it was a cool draft for inspiration. I’m wondering if maybe there are artists in the mix who would be willing to conjur up some artwork that combines Pickle Rick inspired works combined with a military theme.

In addition, I noticed others are working on Dragon Ball Z Themes. Feel free to submit anything you have! I’d love to see what the community can come up with.

EDIT : It’s also been noted that there are those interested in NFTs that serve as a collaberation with $MEME. It’s been mentioned this could add a lot of value. So don’t hesitate to team up and create some fantastic works! As a last note, if anyone is skilled in video editing, would be cool to see a short video montague featuring a get schwifty remix. :smiley:

Have fun and let’s get this community flourishing!


Hey there!

So as the progenitor of the $PICKLE meets $MEME idea, I think it’s important to take a step back and evaluate this from all angles.

I recently took a foray into $MEME land and was really interested in the idea they created. It’s a perfect mashup of DeFi and NFTs. As I was putting together my “bull thesis” for their project, it occurred to me that they could serve as a home base for other projects who wanted to distribute their own NFTs.

The questions when evaluating this from a pickle perspective is:

  1. Is this even possible? Would they be interested?
  2. Does this benefit our platform? Is there a better way to distribute NFTs that benefits us more?
  3. Is this a distraction from what has become an incredibly successful core model.

To be entirely honest, we don’t need NFTs, and we don’t need to “farm” them out on meme. Ideas like this are home run swings that could serve as rocketfuel, or could distract our devs from doing what they are here to do - to create and implement profitable strategies that benefit investors, pickle holders, and serve to manage stable asset pegs.

I would love to hear from the devs on this idea though, even it’s to tell me to go back to my hole and drop it.


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I agree we don’t wanna detract too much from profit making strategies. Especially since many offer a sort of statistically guaranteed profit.

I threw up the idea of NFTs as a compromise since it’s all the hype but without detracting from adding to Pickle’s overall value. I like what Meme is doing creatively. I’m honestly not too sure as to the specifics of how they formulate their NFTs or how complex they are. For example, and not to sound overly critical. But what gives the Meme coin value besides the hype and artistic functionality?

I personally don’t look at the MEME coin as representing shares in an actual hedge fund. I see it as a token that represents a service, i.e. artistry. I could be wrong in my assessment.

What I’m proposing for NFTs goes beyond tying them to digital collectibles with arbitrary value. What I’m proposing is “gamifying” derivatives trading by creating more complex NFTs that represent Pickle’s Value as a hedge fund and wrapping them inside the cards. And maybe MEME is already doing something like this. I’m not sure. But this would ensure the cards have an underlying value beyond it being a cool collectible.

Maybe this isn’t feasible right now. But NFTs have far far far reaching implications beyond the artistic / collectible perspective

and again, I think $MEME is a great project. I’m just wondering if there is a way to extract additional value from the concept.

To expound further on what $MEME is doing. (and I’m sure others in that community have thought of this). But it appears that $MEME is poised to position itself as a brand name in a digital mall of sorts. With rarible being the mall and MEME being a store within that mall. But you could expand this further. NFTs also appear to function as a distribution of intellectual property. Beyond just art.

Think fashion design, publishing rights, architectural designs, etc. etc. this could open up a new marketplace for buying, selling, and trading intellectual property which would be massive for e-commerce. Then, you could create cashflows for real life merchandise backed by NFTs. Owners of the work can license it out to other stores in this digital “mall” of sorts. And I’m sure much of this has been thought of. But in thinking through it further, I can see where MEME could establish a high value niche within e-commerce.

Thanks for your comments.

I totally agree that this could serve as a distraction from the core of our project. That’s the last thing I’d want to do! Having started a couple ventures myself, I know it can feel overwhelming when everyone around you is throwing their best ideas at you for improving your business.

Here’s where the conversation splits between immediate action items and long-term ideas.
I think that creating memes for the benefit of pickle is a slam dunk and quite frankly, we’ve had some amazing artists already. I’d love to see everyone in the community creating, sharing, and retweeting as much content as possible!
I think we could stand to benefit directly from the rising NFT tide. PICKLE is extremely memeable and NFTs are on the rise. I can think of a few ways to execute on this in a more formalized manner.

  1. Dev team hires artist. NFTs listed on Rari or OpenSea, portion of profits to treasury.
  2. Develop partnership with $MEME to become the first DeFi token to allow its users to stake their native tokens on Meme to earn limited edition NFTs. (This creates additional cross-platform utility for pickle, reduces sell pressure, and keeps us on trend as this garners attention across the cryptoverse.
  3. Internally develop the ability to allow our users to stake pickle (or LP tokens) to earn NFTs without the need for collaboration. If you’re not familiar with meme, this would basically work like this:
    Instead of staking your $pickle to earn a portion of trading fees, you could instead opt to stake in a separate pool. For every 1 day you had 1 pickle staked, you’d get one picklepoint (eg: 7 pickles staked 2 days = 14 points, 1 pickle staked 12 days = 12 points, etc)
    After accumulating a set number of points, you could claim a limited edition NFT. This could start simple with 10 “Legendary Pickles” at 1,000 points each, 100 “Rare Pickles” at 100 points each and 1,000 “Common Pickles” at 10 points each (or something)

To reiterate - this is meant as a fun whiteboarding conversation about where we could head down the line and not meant to distract from the hedge fundesque core of our business model :slight_smile:

Take care