Charitable goals

Hey guys,
As we all know $PICKLE’s biggest native (coming purely from the project) advantage in contract to others out there is its mission: stabilisation of stablecoin prices.

We know that “extra umpf!” attracted the attention of loads of people as when you consider where to put your money, most of projects offer similar benefits (let’s ignore here technical advances as they are easy to copy) and gains (+/- few %).

How about we start discussing a bit more how we can in an easy and relatively cheap way add even more umpf! to the project.

I propose to establish a very small charitable fund like “Jar of love” where we can slowly put very very very (you know I’m careful about this not to attract a lot of negative votes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) small portion of upcoming treasury profits toward a noble causes.

Imagine if we could once every few months be able as a community to vote where this money go to help some charities. Or even we can establish a permanent flow of money from that pot to sustain some charities.

This would be a massive PR bomb and also would show that we are not only here for gains but also to give a bit more from us to the world?

Any thoughts?


Supporting something like renewable energy would also be worth considering. All things enviroment related are pretty hot right now.

absolutely @custos_adam - in fact, think about this strongly in-theme name “Green Power” ^^

  • We can use some treasury investment funds to get involved in green-energy related investments like Greencoat UK Wind plc Shares
  • also connect with some universities involved in research to support them a bit
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lol I didn’t think about ‘green energy’, classic.

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also whole idea that we are “organic” and “bio” is fitting into this :crazy_face:

Btw i think such a thinking outside of the box would make the whole project a lot more recognisable and let us tep out from the crowd

very cool! we can also support that Code to Inspire project… and we can get an army of Pickle Developers join the team!

Ah yess this would be awesome if we could have core devs being in charge & owning it all but allowing people to contribute - even if contributions are only used as POC.

@BigBrainBriner do you need some help when it comes to the main website? I know you were mentioning something about UI rewrite etc but still if you need some help I’m sure you can setup a team of contributors. With existing toolsets exposed by github you should have quite tight control over contributions - should not affect a lot your core dev.

‘bio’ is the word they use in Deutschland :wink: erneuerbare Gurkenkraft lol (renewable pickle power)

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or erneuerbare nachhaltige Gurkenkraft (renewable sustainable pickle power)

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Ahh german language - every word sounds like a badass Klingon lang ;-D

I would support this idea. If anyone cares at this point.

It would give more meaning to all the profit seeking and by that alone add karma and probably value to pickle. I personally lean towards donating to artistic/journalistic/humanism projects, but that shall be up for voting.

Further more, I believe it can add value to the pickle if some it profits are channeled back into development. Be it by further supporting the core devs (have to clue how much they are receiving for their work currently) or by bounties or simply raising money for developers that are not directly involved in pickle, via gitcoin for example.


@sas yeah I think there is too many things going on now to have a very serious discussion about this but as soon as we see the clear trend in price and longevity of the project we should push that forward.

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+1, just a bit of fun brain storming :slight_smile:

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