Community Contribution Awards - July '21

Following this post asking for nominations and subsequent discussions among the team, we are pleased to announce the following community awards for contributions to Pickle Finance.

These are in no way supposed to represent a ‘salary’ nor necessarily scale according to levels of contribution. The awards are simply a “thanks for being awesome” gesture :+1:

That said, we agreed that there were two stand out members that should be recognized as such - they will receive 1 ETH each:

  1. @sevenz for their tiresome support and helpfulness around the Discord publicly, and a whole lot of testing and contributions behind the scenes

  2. @rawb for their commitment to helping improve Pickle Finance in a number of areas, including a huge amount of work put into a guide to all things Pickle (currently in implementation and assisted by Sevenz).

The following 11 members have contributed in various ways, from dashboards to translations, generally being helpful to helping test strategies (sometimes behind the scenes). These members will receive $1,000 in USDC (or other stable if picky!). In no particular order:

  1. @MisterMard
  2. @Scotty
  3. @Cipio
  4. @Wunderbernd
  5. @Jomari
  6. @0xBoxer
  7. @cryptouf
  8. @jintao
  9. @psq
  10. @Merpenduous
  11. @Cerunos

There are many others not named who contribute to Pickle, we have an amazing community and plan to repeat this process more often than in the past (certainly more often than every 8 months :slight_smile: )


It should be noted that, as per this post by Larry back in October, anyone in the community is welcome to submit a proposal for funding, either for themselves or someone else.

We will also more often award bounties as and when we feel they are deserved for contributions above and beyond.


Great stuff, team Pickle! Nice to see our community be recognised and rewarded.


thank you for including me! going to get more DILL…

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whoa, thank you for the nomination! I will keep contributing however I can. :purple_heart:
ETH straight to DILL too.


I’m speechless. Thanks so much everyone! Let’s all keep pushing!


Wow, super honored to be on a list with these folks! :slight_smile:

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Thank you pickle friends and well deserved for everyone else

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I am honestly appreciative. I love the Pickle Community and hope to continue contributing and adding to the value of this fantastic group of people.

It is amazing the value being created here and being a part is amazing!

I feel really honored too, I m not sure if I deserve it but will do my utmost to be proud of it and contributing However I can to this incredible community…so much positive wibes and benevolence :hugs::green_heart: it will go stray to DILL too :partying_face: