CORN burn progress bar to be added on new app

Since we are getting a new UI soon, I’am proposing to add a simple progress bar for CORN token burn on new app with a hyperlink to DUNE analytic page for details. Maybe we can add CORN price next to it as well.

I know it reminds bad memories to some users but I think CORN represents teams commitment to deliver and payback lost funds to its users, hence gives more confidence to new comers

Moreover, I think during bear season, we can attract new line of investors who want to 10x their stables in 3-4 year time period with buy backs and all.

  • Add CORN burn progress bar

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Maybe some progress bar can be added but I say it needn’t be a front-page thing. Right now, we have shared certain mockups of the new app, and the home page is taken by user/account info, similar to Zapper but for Pickle. There is, “real estate” on other parts of the app. For example, the “DILL & Gov” page could include an element for Security and we can introduce bug bounties, audits, and “CORN” in there, where a progress bar and links to “market-buy $CORN”, “donate $DAI”, or “add liquidity” can also be included. A second option is to create a collapsible for CORN in the “Jars & Farms” page we have coming up but that could be slightly confusing as there is no strategy and no rewards.

Allright, I think I did a mistake by mentioning strictly front page. i assumed that was the best place to put CORN burn info bar for current page and did not consider upcoming new app design. As long as we have access to progress bar in the app I think that is enough for me. Adding it under security, bug bounties etc. makes sense I agree. ‘Donate DAI’ is great idea ! as well.


I think including this on the DILL/Governance page is a great idea. But agree with it not being front page - the job of that is to sell people on the project and I think introducing CORN at that stage a) confuses people and b) highlights the hack.

“do NOTHING” as if to emphasize nothingness :laughing: