Create a farm for the wBTC/ETH UNI pJar

Hi Pickle Finance team. I’m a big fan of your project. You have a great community, and a real reason to farm instead of just collecting tokens.

I’m currently a UNI LP in the wBTC/ETH pool, and I’ve just been hodling my UNI tokens because the APY is rather low to sell them today. But, if I could farm PICKLE in addition to the pJar returns, I’d probably deposit in the pJar.

I’d love to see a PICKLE farm for the wBTC/ETH UNI pJar. Thanks!

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This was PIP-9 that was passed last week. Full details linked below. Implementation imminent.

I think @Trilemma is referring to Pickle Farms for the newly introduced pJars.
No farms were included in PIP-9, we’d need to vote to allocate Pickle rewards to those pools

Yes, it would need to be a new PIP proposal.