Display accrued returns on holdings

Right now it is very hard to tell exactly what gains one has accrued from jars/farms. It is especially hard to figure out realizable returns when these mechanisms are stacked.

It would delightful to be able to see the the gains a user would realize if completely unwinding their position. These could be denominated in the original tokens, plus, perhaps, their equivalent USD value.

From a cost-benefit perspective, I believe it would be sufficient to show the current value of a position and let the user calculate the gains by comparing to the original tokens they committed.

This would also avoid showing early negative returns from jar withdrawing, which can spook users.


  • in the case of pUNIDAI, show how much ETH and DAI would one receive should they unstake, withdraw from a jar, and remove the liquidity from Uniswap.
  • in the case of psCRV it’s more complex because the user could unwind their position to several tokens, but perhaps it would be sufficient to denominate the value of a position in terms of the DAI one could cash out, should they, again, completely unwind their position.

Great suggestion. This has come up quite a bit on discord and I believe that the devs are already hard at work adding this to the UI.

I like your idea of providing a value of current holdings. APY isn’t always the best metric (especially with vaults) so you could instead just document:

  1. Initial asset (sCRV amount, ETH/Stable LP token amount) AND Initial value in USD
  2. Current amount of underlying LP / sCRV you could exchange your pickled tokens for AND current value in USD.

That would tell the story pretty well if you ask me.