Dynamic AMM for Stablecoins using Pickle Jars and Pickle Farms

Cream Finance is launching creamY, a dynamic AMM that will support stablecoins, BTC, and ETH. Their key focuses are that the AMM enables users to do the following:

  1. Provide single-sided liquidity (instead of having to create pairs
  2. Consolidate large sets of assets (e.g. yETH, WETH, crETH, cETH instead of just WETH)
  3. Hold or transact with yielding, stable versions of the underlying asset (e.g. pickleETH)

More info here: https://medium.com/cream-finance/announcing-creamy-a-capital-efficient-dynamic-amm-195d17161f4

I think pickle.finance is in a position to create a similar AMM for stablecoins (and maybe more volatile assets later on). The project is doing some interesting things with the stablecoins that are within its set of smart contracts. Would be cool to see pickleDAI, pickleUSDC, pickleUSDT, etc. as the underlying assets flow between the jars and farms that your team / community also thinks through / creates.