ELI5: The Earnings breakdown on certain jars/farms on the site

For those not aware, “ELI5” is “Explain It Like I’m 5.” Fairly self-explanatory.

So this is something that has always perplexed me. If I am in the prenBTC farm, these are the earnings I’m expected to receive:

pickle: 8.87% + lp: 1.15% + crv: 2.60%

Pickle? Understood.
LP? Yeah, I’ll have more of the LP when I withdrawal. Got it.
CRV? …Wait, what?

Is that implying that I would receive CRV tokens in addition to my prenBTC LP gains? I mean, that’s what I would assume, but does that mean more of the prenBTC CRV tokens? If so, isn’t that already covered in the LP earnings percentage? If not, is it just the CRV DAO token itself? That’s always confused me. Granted, I’m not super knowledgable RE: Curve, especially since I only began using it this year despite being in crypto for four years. It always intimidated me.

The pDai farm…? now THAT’s a doozy to look at:

pickle: 23.55% + comp (supply): 5.39% + comp (borrow): 5.23% + borrow: -9.54% + supply: 7.09%

Ok, so if we add up the positive supply/borrow percentages for COMP we get 17.71%, subtract the 9.54% borrow amount and end up with 8.17% for the COMP portion of the earnings.

This is pretty much a revision of the previous question; So when this farm is harvested and unstaked, will the user be receiving their 23.55% Pickle AND 8.17% in COMP tokens?

I’ve used a good chunk of the jars and farms and while I never used the DAI farm (that I can remember…), I definitely used the prenBTC farm for a while and I don’t recall getting any CRV tokens after withdrawal.

What is my silly toddler brain missing? Any further elaboration would be much appreciated. Thank you so much. :^)