Extend multisig to 5/9

Mentioned on Discord but worth posting here, I would like to see a move to increasing the multisig from just the current core developers to include more known and high profile people. Not only does this add a level of reassurance given the anonymity of the team, but also builds the profile of Pickle. Getting a multisig on board doesn’t necessarily mean they endorse the project, but it does add some credence.

Moving to 5/9 with the addition of 5 new multisigs would also mean that the team alone could not execute.


Would probably be difficult to do in the short-term (we’re having enough issues with 2/4), but also something I’d like to see in the future. Are there any specific high-profile people that you think would be willing to participate?

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Yeah not suggesting it needs to be this week! But should be a goal perhaps with a realistic timeline.

As for nominees … not sure but a mix of ‘type’ would be good. Seems like every other project of note as Robert Leshner and SBF among others … but not suggesting they should be on the list here.

Keep SBF far…far away.


Agreed, no SBF.

Some potential candidates:

  1. John Lilic, who is already heavily involved with Pickle and is an old timer in the ETH community/worked at Consensys would be a logical choice.

  2. Scott Lewis from Defipulse would be good.

  3. Kain Warwick from Synthetix

  4. Vitalik (somewhat unlikely, but if he’s able to contribute to a QV mechanism in the wild with real capital behind it, he could be down to participate in a limited capacity)

  5. Robert Leshner (Compound CEO)

  6. Stani Kulechov (Aave CEO)

  7. Ryan Selkis (Messari)

  8. Frank Chaparro

  9. Arjun Balaji/Charlie Noyes/Fred Ehrsam (Paradigm)

  10. Ameen Soleimani

  11. Andrew Kang

  12. Larry Cermak (director of research at The Block)

The unifying thread behind all these picks is that they’re real people with reputations at stake. Their agreement to be multisig signers would add a fair bit of credibiltiy to the project. I left out Andre Cronje because his product is a somewhat direct competitor, so there’d be a pretty big conflict of interest.


Most of them need to get active in pickle.finance first.


I think even a couple of those would be awesome.

I love this idea. Adding non-anon to the multisig would remove yet another capital barrier.

I like introducing different types of folks. High profile w/ name recognition is good. And perhaps maybe someone from the community? Perhaps someone who has been stupidly active on discord and is not anon?

Don’t know if you can think of anyone that fits that bill :sweat_smile:

Strat switch timelock - implemented
Audit - Funding mechanisms in discussion
Additional multi-sig - Early discussion



Once Pickle will “determine individual identities” (to prevent individuals from splitting their funds into many accounts to avoid being square-rooted) Vitalik will be conquered :slight_smile:

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Feel like there’s a pretty good chance we could get Blue Kirby signed up …

I think looking to those who have already shown some level of interest or support makes sense, though shouldn’t necessarily be limited to such.

Excellent list here. 1,2, 3, 5, 6, 7, and 12 are my top choices. Anyone from his list would be a value add.

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Tyler Reynolds and the guy from Delphi Digital should (Tom Shaunassy?) should be considered. Both are investors and outspoken about Pickle.


Although there is a lot going on, I think it is worth reviving this topic. Anyone have builds on the list posted above? A lot has changed since then even though it was not that long ago!

I think John Lilic is a given personally. I would love Robert Leshner. And we should appoint at least one person from the community - mod or otherwise.

Beyond that, let’s see what the latest thinking is?


this is a concrete way we can give potential investors more confidence in the pickle when deciding between protocols