Fresh New Twitter Account- Please give a share

Hey gents! I created a new twitter account called @BigDill_Pickle.

I will be making tons of memes and creating community engagement.

I’m using Picolas Cage (play on Nicholas Cage) as mascot.

Give a follow and share around. Cheers!


yeah already saw you rocking the world there :heart_eyes: great job my friend!

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thanks man! and im going with a DBZ feel now… i changed to @PickleGohan

we will have dank gifs all day… and go crazy with it… letssss gooooooooooo!!!


Awesome work!!

I’m not changing my name but I’ve been pretty heavy w/ the pickle content. Send me a follow @dblrain

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Oh and by the way!

We went back and forth quite a bit on discord but seemed to settle on “Pickle Privates” as our retort to Link Marines, Synth Spartans, etc.