Help with exchanging SushiSwap yvBOOST/ETH LP tokens

Would love some help converting SushiSwap yvBOOST/ETH LP tokens in my metamask wallet back to ETH.

I’m a newb and got involved with SushiSwap yvBOOST/ETH LP without knowing what i was doing, I managed to not stake and get either the Sushi or Pickle rewards, just lost $2000 worth of ETH since 5th of May :man_shrugging:t4:

Lesson learnt, don’t get involved in stuff you don’t understand.

So any help to do something with these tokens in my MM wallet would be much appreciated


hey this is the discord - it will be easier to get help here

basically, if you go to, you should be able to unstake from that LP for ETH

Thanks Scotty, appreciate the response. Just started up Discord and will post there. Can’t work out how to unstake on so hopefully somebody there can help out.

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resolved it in the discord