How to get UNIDAI Uniswap tokens back?

Maybe a bit late here, but I see many of the vaults have moved to Pickle v2, but can’t find anything about the other pools, only the three primary ones. I don’t seem to have any balances anywhere, but would really like to get my tokens back. I pulled my p tokens out of the inactive farm, and attempted to call the withdrawAll directly on the contract, but it didn’t return any Uniswap tokens :confused:

I see on blogpost now, and do see my funds safely in the github JSON file. Is this for sure locked, I see the script has a snapshot block (assuming this won’t be adjusted)? The withdrawAll function “stole” all of my tokens, so hopefully I will get them back after the migration? :grimacing:

What am I missing here?

See the later posted blog:


@HandsomePickle I saw this, but didn’t realize that the ETH-DAI was also for pUNIDAI. Looks like it worked! Thanks!

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