Important: your proposals don't matter

Okay, I know that was an aggressive title but I wanted to get your attention! Your proposals absolutely do matter, but are not binding

There have been quite a few folks in discord who have been concerned about seemingly dangerous or contradictory proposals on snapshot.

I think it’s important for everyone involved in this community to understand that right now, proposals that have not been been discussed, submitted, refined, and approved, will not be implemented.

We have a lot of people who are really passionate about what we are doing and that’s amazing! But often times, proposals lack a fundamental understanding of the current state of development. For example, a current snapshot proposal proposes to do something that’s already being done. –

Another proposal proposes to do something that can’t be done (because this farm doesn’t generate UNI which is how our strategies have been operating) –

And yet another proposal proposes to do something that would have massive negative consequences on our the ETH / PICKLE pool –

In some cases we can count on the community to clearly infer the negative repercussions of these proposals and vote them down. In other cases, the factors are far more nuanced.

Another thread created a couple days ago includes a response from a dev that outlines the process for getting a proposal through. How should community proposals evolve into Pickle Improvement Proposals (PIPs). AKA "wen dao?"

Please, if you feel passionately about something, start by discussing it in discord or even post a thread here in governance and we can all work together to refine these ideas into great, workable, fully-fleshed out proposals.

Keep pickle great my friends!



Let’s resolve this: How should community proposals evolve into Pickle Improvement Proposals (PIPs). AKA "wen dao?"

And make it clear to everyone. Maybe it’s time for a Discource PIP on the approach?

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I’m not quite sure how to execute this. I don’t think it’s a good look to have a bunch of random proposals on our snapshot page though, but I don’t think there’s a way we can stop it from happening right now.

I think if it’s “written” that Snapshot community proposals are welcomed but not decisive, that would work. Not sure you can edit Snapshot to only allow Core proposals, or edit the text on the Community proposal submission page to that effect.

The current policy is that only proposals announced by the team will be considered binding. See

Snapshot doesn’t allow editing of existing proposals, which is a huge pain.

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To be very clear, your proposals DO matter.

We read and review every single one of them, but we don’t always have time to respond or participate. And yes, there are a bunch of meme-y ones out there. But we do see proposals and take them seriously if they are written in good faith, even if it is non-binding.

But that’s why I am glad we have this forum, so we can have some long form discussions without having to submit a proposal.


when dealing with Byzantine crypto environments one can always expect to see malicious behavior such as sabotage. Here is an interesting tweet from a few months ago: “Simple Sabotage Field Manual” … a CIA document describing how to infiltrate an organization and make it dysfunctional. I would recommend the core dev team keep some of this in mind when evaluating the merits of proposal and/or trying to decipher behavior patterns of community members.


Can we create a new category on the forum for discussing Snapshot proposals?

Then a proposal on snapshot could link to a corresponding post in the forum for discussion, and the forum post in turn could link back to snapshot…

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I think that’s what the PIP section would be for? At least it could be used for that purpose, pre- and during Snapshot vote

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Yes, that’s what the PIP category is for.