In search of: Graphic Designer

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We have decided that it is time Pickle receives a brand makeover. We are looking for a professional graphic designer who can help to create a full brand identity for Pickle including:

  • Logo design - including drafting a few concepts and then work to revise the final design as required
  • Brand identity guidelines
  • Typography
  • Iconography
  • Digital assets

At this stage we do not require UI/UX work, though this will likely be the next step so if you or your agency have skills in that area feel free to include.

Please provide details of your experience, portfolio, relevant references/reviews and any other considerations. We are looking for high quality submissions - feel free to indicate the required budget on your submission, or this can be discussed separately with those candidates we shortlist.

We reserve the right to source our own candidates outside of submissions here.



I have an offshoring business and our Creative team have done some fun work for the Pickle competition run last year, including a finalist entry. I’ll ask the team to come up with some concepts for you.

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Hey - I remember that entry, very cool!

Just to be clear, we’re not doing this as a competition - we’ll select someone to work with based on their portfolio. If you want to create some concepts as part of your submission that’s cool, just as long as you are aware of the process :slight_smile:

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Yep, aware it’s not a comp… We’ll just create some concepts as our submission.

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Hi, I specialise in brand identity design and development, covering logo design, guidelines, typography and iconography/pattern making. Besides branding, I also do have experience in UI design, mainly website design with a focus on mobile first accessibility. Please see some of my work here (public link): You can access my portfolio here: Brand & UI Portfolio – Nicoleta Costin DM me and I will send you the access pw.


In case you need an NFT artist, you can check out some of my works at

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Hi, I am experienced graphic designer who has worked with many clients and helped them to create brand identity, design websites, icons, infographics, presentations and many other assets. I am mostly working with blockchain industries lately, so though I could actually be a good candidate for you. I understand the business industry and I’m excited for its future!
My latest clients are: Horizen, Horizen Labs, Totle, Talium Assets, Astro Tools.
I can assure that I will provide you with the best tools for your business to reach its true potential.
I have the skills you need, but I understand that you need the right person for the job, so I hope you see a potential in me :slight_smile:

Feel free to have a look on my work here:

Very excited to hear from you!
Have a great day,


Hello Pickle Finance Community! A friend of mine, Robin, told me that you’re looking for a new logo and stuff. So I made a quick sketch of a finance pickle :face_with_monocle::cucumber:
My Instagram is:


I also made this simpler version


Hi. Long time pickle holder, LP supplier here. Also work in advertising and marketing with a collective of designers. We’ve only done one crypto project to date: or @buythebloodinc on instagram, but specialize in branding/re-branding companies. Experience covers all the requirements above (including UX and web design). Check the design portfolio here: or helloreform . com/ (i could only add two links to post).

(can send more specific examples of full brand guidelines, icon sets and logo design process upon request).

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Greetings! I would like to help you with your branding revamp.
I know I will be able to get you exactly what you need.

Designed shoes for Nike, and collections for vans and Volcom.

I’ve art directed a skateboard company for the past 15 years.

I’m in a movie about art, coming to Netflix next year

Feel free to take a look at my Instagram




I’ve been following and staking on Pickle since September and would love to be a part of it! I’m a designer who’s been working full-time freelance since 2-3 years and run a little design studio together with a friend. I mostly specialise in branding, websites, and editorial design, and do the occasional animation or illustration. Here’s my portfolio:

It’s mostly books, but does have a few websites; in terms of more relevant expertise I had been working together with a Fintech company for several months in 2019-2020 and helped them launch their entire branding, website, and web app. As startups often go, it unfortunately didn’t survive, but there are a few remnants of the branding on my website. I don’t have any reviews or references on hand – and wouldn’t want to post it publicly either – but if you’re considering me, I’ll gladly privately send you the contact information for people I’ve worked with the past year or so.




Hi there,
I am Mark, I do UX / UI / design, lots of experience with software, startups, etc. from simple logos, icons and illustrations to full-blown progressive web apps with a plethora of UI elements and themes. After design, I can handle clear requirements for implementation to the devs directly or to your product guy. After all, I am a computer science grad and ran my own independent software vendor with two of my buddies from uni who did the coding. I just have a strong passion for design but happen to understand the technical world for a living.
I gathered a couple of past works and elements of work that I can share outside NDAs. Dropbox - Mark's portfolio - Simplify your life

If you like the work, let’s get in touch on Discord (Markely#6848) to discuss the next steps.
Looking forward.



Thank you to everyone that responded. We’re now shortlisting a few applicants to discuss the brief with further, so will be in touch soon!

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Hi, I recently worked on several brand identity visuals for DeFi projects. From logo design, brand identity, video animations, educative and creative content. I can share my latest works in DM.
PS: Enthusiast, DeFi user and coding skills.