In search of: Solidity/Vyper Smart Contract Developer

Per the passing of [PIP 34] Expand core team Budget

Pickle is a yield aggregator and automated yield farming protocol on Ethereum. In its short 6 months of existence, it has gone from an elastic stablecoin farming experiment to a Yearn ecosystem member with projected revenues exceeding $6M/year.

We are one of the smallest yet most daring teams in the DeFi space. We take pride in developing and releasing novel strategies for yield farming vaults, and in creating deep partnerships with the protocols and teams pushing the boundaries of this new and open financial system that is being built on sound, programmable money. We follow best-in-class security procedures, yet retain our “degen” instincts intact.

We are looking for a driven and enthusiastic smart contract developer to help us bring about the next evolution of Pickle Finance. With the aid of the Pickle core team, you will design, develop, and test the strategies and yield-generating products that will delight the growing Pickle userbase. Kudos if you are also willing and able to help contribute to our frontend, analytics, or process automation development.

Role and Responsibilities

  • Design, test, and implement new yield farming strategies and tests
  • Design, test, and implement peripheral contracts for Pickle jars
  • Design, test, and implement peripheral mechanisms to the Pickle protocol, including governance


  • 1-3 years of experience with Solidity or Vyper, including deep familiarity with the Ethereum development stack (e.g. Hardhat, Ethers, The Graph)
  • A deep understanding of the Ethereum Virtual Machine
  • Prior experience deploying smart contract systems in Ethereum
  • Deep familiarity with the foundational principles of software architecture, design patterns, test-driven development, data-driven programming, and development in an Agile environment
  • A collaborative, can-do attitude, and a deep appreciation of the Scrum values


  • Formal training in maths, physics, computer science, computer engineering, or electrical engineering (Degree level or above)
  • Prior experience as a developer in DeFi, particularly in yield farming applications
  • Prior experience deploying smart contracts to non-Ethereum EVM implementations (Fantom, Binance Smart Chain, xDai)
  • Familiarity with React, Next, and TypeScript
  • Pickle connoisseur :cucumber:

Pickle welcomes all qualified candidates to apply. Whether you are public or pseudonymous, please provide ample evidence of relevant work and experience for consideration.

Candidates with experience and credentials well in excess of requirements will immediately be considered for a more senior role e.g. Delivery Lead, Development Lead, Solutions Architect. Conversely, candidates with lesser experience or time availability may be considered for a more junior or part-time role.

Total compensation for this role will be $156,000/year, as follows:

  • A base salary of $120k/year, which will be deposited in an interest-bearing stablecoin (i.e. aDAI) and streamed over Sablier.
  • A vested tokens component valued at $36k/year on the date of hire. An equivalent amount of PICKLE tokens (according to the day’s low price in CoinGecko) will be earmarked from the Smart Treasury and streamed over Sablier after a 3-month cliff.
  • All other benefits and bonuses available to core team members, which will be extended to new hires upon completing a 3-month probation.

To apply, post your candidacy as a new topic on the Pickle Forum’s Protocol Development category with the title [PIP 34 Candidate Submission] Smart Contract Developer.


Is this still open for application?

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Yes, ser. Go ahead. Feel free to tag me or @Larry_Cucumber