Increasing Staking Rewards for Pickle Stakers

I believe one of the next issues to begin discussion on is appropriately increasing our staking reward APY % for Pickle Stakers.

As we saw when the WETH rewards launched, Pickle price jumped from $14 to $27 and then found a price floor around $23. The price increased because people were purchasing pickle on market to stake and receive high APY %s because the rewards at launch were around 150%. $23 became an equilibrium price as APYs came down and people stopped buying.

It is my belief that by incentivizing the staking rewards for pickle we will create a stable price floor higher than the price floor we have now. If Pickle wants to act as a Stablecoin, I’d rather it act as a $40 stable than a $23 one. (This is hyperbole to say that the price will stabalize at a higher price with increased reward APY% to stakers. I don’t know if that will be $40 or not. It’s an example number.)

This forum post is to begin discussion on how to best go about this. Do you think that increasing the staking rewards would increase the price of Pickle? Where would these rewards come from? What do you imagine this looking like? Please share your thoughts.


3 Likes has some interesting pumpanomics whereby 1% of every SURF transaction, gets distributed to their stakers. This is similar to what CORE does. Basically they are farming their own volume, and then incentivising trade volume through a bunch of Apps.

We’re at the point now where we’re being farmed by STBZ, Alpha Homora, yEarn, YAX (and maybe) Harvest, not to mention various whales. All these guys will dump Pickle with their TVL. Why not convert 1% of these dumps into rewards for our stakers?


@Vapur This is interesting…do you mean 1% of transactions in the Pickle/ETH pool?
Would it be easy to implement? (no smart contract background here)

I think he means token get deduct (and send to reward pool) by 1% in each send(), no matter the TX is trading or transferring.

It definitely could introduce deflation but I highly doubt this is a good idea because it often appears in some ponzi tokenomics (NICE, BOOB, …).

Yeah, but unlike those ponzies, Pickle actually has an inherent value based on the profits we generate using our TVL. For us, this is basically just an additional 1% tax on all those who want to farm and dump us, to be distributed among Pickle Holders.

It’d reduce sell pressure, and incentivize some of these guys to actually stake their Pickles rather than dumping them.

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I think this is a fantastic idea.
Given that our UNI pool is the only source of PICKLE liquidity, it’s a low hanging fruit to monetize.
It’s just a commission on trades.

For perspective, Treasury could have collected $30K from just yesterday’s volume.
Our average daily volume is just under $2M…let’s call it $1.5M to be conservative.

That’s $15K/day or $105K/week, enough to boost our staking APY back above 100% and keep it there. It would double our weekly income overnight if implemented.

This would be ample incentive for LPs not to dump their pickles as we look to reduce our liquidity.

What’s the downside? I don’t see any, apart from maybe a drop in volume. Maybe I’m missing something.

Edit: Consulted BBB in Discord, and it seems that SURF is a non-standard ERC-20 and we’d have to do a token migration etc…not possible I’m afraid.


Pickle Staker APY should ideally come from increased protocol profit, therefore more surplus to share. Double TVL, increase profits, increase Staker APY.

With UNI pools stopping (presumed) the profit share is likely to drop it anything … So new tvl, new strategies, higher yield is what’s needed … Easy right?

You could supplement with some pickle emissions … But not sure how sustainable that is.

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Is a intersting idea, but be awere that it incriese slippage and have several studies that correlate slipepage with a reduction on Market Cap and trading volume

If it were even possible to use any available budget to maintain the staking rewards continuously in the future, I’d be happy. I LOVE the WETH rewards. Maintaining them or increasing them would be great. Virtually everyone in this community is bullish on ETH right now. It makes sense to continue doing rewards this way and it was what incentivized me to stake PICKLE.

I don’t know how technically feasible it would be to implement, but an autocompounding feature with added PICKLE rewards, like Harvest has for FARM staking, would be a dream.

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