Integrate Rari Capital Strategies and $RGT into pJars

PickleJar strategy idea: Rari Capital $RGT mining and/or ETH option. Proposal by the Rari Capital team

As Pickle is constantly searching for new strategies, I would like to present an idea. In the short term, Rari Capital’s $RGT (Rari Governance Token) liquidity mining program has just begun and is providing a very high yield on top of stablecoin deposits, which are right up Pickle’s alley. Rari is a robo-advisor similar to yEarn and to earn $RGT, one must deposit within a yield earning pool, so $RGT returns are stacked with regular asset earnings. Essentially, a pJar could be implemented for $RGT farming.

Rari Capital also has an ETH pool that takes deposited ETH funds and reallocates them into the highest ETH earning opportunities with steady returns. For those interested in still maintaining exposure to the price of ETH, adding Rari’s eth fund alongside a feature like borrowing against ETH to redeposit with stablecoins could make a diverse ETH pJAr.


Sounds interesting, hopefully the core team will take a look and comment on whether it’s something feasible/desirable.