Issue with on optimism with ETH/OPT LP

I have purchased the LP tokens from uniswap V3 but I cannot stake them.

the UI is really wonky with this one (UniV3 pairs) in particular.
You don’t want to “get UniV3 LP token”, as in you don’t want to generate it with the uniswap UI yourself;

But, you want to let do it appropriately. Which means, you want to use ‘+’ (see image) to define the ratio of the pair you want to deposit and creates the UniV3 LP token.

“Get UniV3 ETH/OP” on the left is misleading and points you to the UniV3 pair on uniswap, nothing more. Could be removed for such jars even.

So, now you need to unwind your uniswap position you already created (by using above link (“Get UniV3 ETH/OP”)), to withdraw liquidity from uniswap) and return to jars, select your chosen jar and use ‘+’ symbol to deposit your funds.

I believe the UX team should go over the design here again. Could very well be - for this reason - that many depositors just leave because they didn’t figure it out…

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that’s how I deposited, didn’t work

There are no pickle rewards for these jars, so you cannot stake.

Thanks, I will try it :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it is the same issue. The general approval of the pUniV3 ETH/OP pool does not work no matter where the LP tokens come from.

you cannot stake at the moment. There are no pickle or OP rewards for these optimism jars yet.