Issues With Pickle.Finance UI

A user brought to our attention that the UI wasn’t reacting to approvals. The effect here for newer defi players is that they hit approve on the UI, sign a transaction, and then the UI remains unchanged. This has sometimes resulted in them submitting multiple transactions.

Is there any way to make the UI adaptive so once the Approve button is pressed, the UI displays a message like “Approval Submitted, Wait for Transaction to process and then refresh browser” or something? Any other ideas here?

The comment from “ideas”:

project_uwbToday at 7:17 PM

Newbie experience - Idea to make UI less complex. If I was to enter the Pickle Power farm today, after i have gone through the myriad of transactions to get my LP tokens, the first thing that happens on Pickle Power farm is to approve the LP token. Once I hit approve, I think the text box disappeared with no progress information. This will lead to many people doing this the first time to hit Approve again and waste gas. Also the next step once your LP has been approved, when you hit STAKE the box does not disappear and now you are unsure if the transaction has gone through. Again many newbies at this stage would hit stake again and waste gas.

[ 7:19 PM ]

Proposal: Could you tweak the UI to give an indication about these transactions. I am sure its not fun when people keep burning gas not being aware of whats happening. Please consider to make entry level frictionless.

This is good feedback to have. We’re re-writing the UI from scratch actually. @Larry_Cucumber can make small tweaks on the existing frontend for now but I’ll definitely keep this in mind for the new site.

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Just a small idea,
But I think we can call the pUNI, sCRV,… with something more familiar like: seed ?
I mean it’s logical that you buy the pickle jar with UNI token, you eat the pickle now you have the seed. You bring the seed to the farm to get more pickle.
Just a thought from a newbie in the crypto world, since all the token with a small low cap letter really confuse me. :crazy_face:

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I had this same issue. Multiple transaction reoccurring with no approval confirmation message(s).