Ledger Wallet Integration Request

Hello Everyone,

For those of us who are frustrated at the repetitive errors between MetaMask and Ledger hardware wallets, I would like to see direct integration of Ledger into app.pickle.finance.

Request: Ledger hardware wallet + Ledger Live !
Purpose: Directly connect our ledger hardware, using native Ledger software (Ledger Live), to transact on app.pickle.finance. This would allow users who are having issues to bypass MetaMask.

Action: Please respond / post support for this request so core devs will consider.

Note: This feature request doesn’t affect users who have no issues with MetaMask. They would continue with business as usual.

Ledger site: https://www.ledger.com
(for anyone who doesn’t know)


I would love this feature. Right now I can’t invest my UNI tokens in PICKLE jars because zapper does not let me, and I need to use zapper because they let me connect with my ledger while pickle does not.

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Also interested in this request. Heavy investors use hardware wallets, this is an opportunity to add more pickles to the jars!!!