Levelling Up Pickle's Content and Marketing (repost)

Proposal to Drive Community Growth and Pickle Awareness
Hi all. This formal proposal is following discussion in the marketing channel. I am reposting this as the first post was accidentally marked as spam.

I’m a writer and marketer from PieDAO with marketing, content and social media experience in traditional finance.
I’ve been a keen Pickler for a couple of months now and feel I can add significant value to the project. So far I have written about Pickle several times in my daily DeFi blog and championed Pickle to be included in our indices, but I believe I can add much more value than this.

In short, I think that while Pickle has innovative valuable products, fantastic branding and an excellent engaged community, what’s lacking is consistent high-quality written content and traditional marketing efforts.

I would love to see this addressed, and as this is my area of expertise I’m very happy to volunteer my services. For anyone who doesn’t know we’ve had great success with regular engaging content and media connections at PieDAO, a much smaller community.

Here’s a breakdown of what I’d like to offer:

Fortnightly community blogs.
These bring together all of the successes of the last two weeks, including new strategies and integrations, proposals, highlights from social media, listings and more. (see example below).
I believe these posts are a core component for community growth. They give those who don’t have as much time to stay up to date with discord an overview of the important things going on and celebrate wins. They also serve as a platform to facilitate high social media engagement, spreading awareness to the wider DeFi community and highlighting both the opportunities Pickle provides and the community’s strength and welcoming atmosphere.

Announcement posts
Too often I see a fantastic new strategy go live with only a discord announcement. The pickle community and devs are doing incredible work, and should be celebrated as such with proper Medium articles. These can explain the strategy in detail and rationale behind it, provide explainers on how to get involved, and link back to previous relevant resources.

Other content
I’m also happy to provide other posts as and when the opportunity arises. These can include summaries of forum discussion, developer notes covering the latest PIPs, community member highlights, beginner guides, summaries of community initiatives etc. I’d love to see discussion on other content that the community believes would be valuable.

My work at PieDAO has provided me with valuable media contacts and I’ve built strong links with many other DeFi projects. So far I’ve got us featured in Bankless, The Defiant and Messari.

Sample work
Product announcement https://twitter.com/williambrealey1/status/1324762797171863552
Bankless article https://twitter.com/williambrealey1/status/1326709719021465600
More links included in discord as only two allowed here:
Messari profile
Opinion piece defending anons with over 100 twitter likes
Sample community blog

I currently have a window of time to provide this work voluntarily. I’m happy to get started immediately as I believe this will be highly valuable for the community. My work will focus on the written content, as marketing requires a significant time investment.
In the near future my schedule may be pretty packed, so I would open the topic of community funding to discussion, provided there is consensus that the work is valuable.


Thanks @williambrealey for volunteering your time on this!

I fully support this proposal, something like this is exactly what PICKLE needs.

This can bring credibility with the larger community and help drive in new users.

Low risk, high reward.

Looking forward to seeing where this goes.


Don’t see much reason not to support this👍

And if it provides positive impact I also don’t see why future endeavours shouldn’t be funded.


Thanks for taking the initiative! @williambrealey
Marketing is a department in which we are sorely lacking…
I support this proposal wholeheartedly.


@williambrealey this is a great start, i think this will definitely help pickle. I also think we sorely lack in audio and video content, i know written content is great, but feel we also need really good quality audio/video content. I think if you are able to help in this area as well would be great. I am all for this idea and would definitely support your cause.


I agree 100%

It might be possible that I could produce some podcasts or videos in the future, but my main skill set is written content and marketing.

This may be an area where others like Gabriel can offer more value :slight_smile: I’d love to see more proposals in this area.


Here’s a first draft for this week’s community blog:

I’m sure there’s lots more that we could include, so be sure to message me here or on discord :slight_smile:

I’ll get working on a roundup of the incredible community challenge contributions next!


That’s exactly what I had in mind when thinking of something like this, great work.

When referencing my dashboards pls use https://linktr.ee/0xBoxer as that allows me to play around with different version more easily while always having clean versions on the linktree.


Great work this is exactly what was needed!


Pickle Finance Marketing Strategy

Target User

Pickle Finance provides a wide range of financial products that are attractive to an array of investors from different backgrounds.

However, Pickle’s existing branding focuses the product towards younger digital natives.

Although this reduces the potential reach of Pickle products, this can in fact be a good thing.

Pickle stands out as a engaging, relevant, and inspiring project to this group of users. In this way users feel more connected with the project and are more likely to become active community members.

In short, Pickle Finance has a clearly identified ‘tribe’ (see the works of Seth Godin), and this strong community feeling can be expanded organically to significantly grow the platform’s reach. Interactive marketing campaigns can be constructed, for example ‘pass the Pickle on’, to get users to share Pickle with friends, expanding exponentially without losing the community’s core integrity.

Of this targeted group of users two key subgroups can be identified:

  1. DeFi natives, with experience using dApps, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies

  2. New users, who have been recently exposed to DeFi.

My assumption is that experienced DeFi users are attracted to Pickle by the broad range of financial products that are highly competitive with competing platforms, (often outperforming). These users also recognise the immense value of the Pickle community, both as a knowledge pool and as a a powerful body for decentralised governance.

Marketing efforts targeting this group should primarily focus on broadening awareness of the Pickle products, APYs, and governance processes.

New DeFi users are likely more attracted by the meme value and humorous nature of Pickle’s branding.

Marketing efforts targeting this group should use this advantage as a gateway, attracting this large user-base initially with memes, and following up on this with the advantages of Pickle investing secondarily (primarily high APY and a focus on more established cryptocurrencies, e.g. BTC + DAI rewards).

Testing the Hypothesis
In order to confirm this hypothesis I propose a survey to test:

a) our conception of the two key user groups is accurate

b) our understanding of the core needs of these groups is accurate

If inaccurate, I hope the survey will be designed in a way to identify the correct target user and their core needs.


Moving forwards this conception of our target user and their core needs should form the basis of all future messaging, medium posts, and social media engagement.

With two clearly defined user groups with differing core needs, we should focus our messaging in differing directions. It may be possible to target DeFi natives through Twitter, Reddit, and medium posts, and new users across a range of other platforms.


Awesome stuff @williambrealey and really appreciate all of your effort on this!

Completely agree on the experienced user defi group! In addition to the grassroots marketing effort at this level, trying to get some positive publicity from some the “major” defi newsletters, can help to break away from the negative food connotation for the more serious defi users, who just saw all the food projects crash and burn.

In regard to the new users entering the space, that is going to be a little bit more difficult, until the "normies’’ come back in like the 2017 peak. Leveraging the pickle meme will certainly help to attract these users, but it should be second seat to the value or intention of pickle. We can not expect normies to hop into our discord channel, and spend hours reading through to understand the value of the project. A certain level of meme-ness can attract new users for sure, but the value of the platform always should be the clear message in the advertising, to avoid being lumped into the same class with something like dogecoin, where the meme is the value seemingly. Something else that could potentialy help with new users, is getting positive “press” from some of the major crypto youtube channels. Many new users will default to some of the “major” crypto youtube channels when getting their feet wet in the space.

Really looking forward to seeing where we can take this!