Levelling Up Pickle's Content and Marketing

A Proposal to Drive Community Growth and Pickle Awareness
Hi all. This formal proposal is following discussion in the marketing channel. I am editing this post to try and get around incorrect spam flag.

I’m a writer and marketer from PieDAO with marketing, content and social media experience in traditional finance.
I’ve been a keen Pickler for a couple of months now and feel I can add significant value to the project.

In short, I think that while Pickle has innovative valuable products, fantastic branding and an excellent engaged community, what’s lacking is consistent high-quality written content and traditional marketing efforts.

I would love to see this addressed, and as this is my area of expertise I’m very happy to volunteer my services. For anyone who doesn’t know we’ve had great success with regular engaging content and media connections at PieDAO, a much smaller community.

Here’s a breakdown of what I’d like to offer:

Fortnightly community blogs.
These bring together all of the successes of the last two weeks, including new strategies and integrations, proposals, highlights from social media, listings and more. (see example below).
I believe these posts are a core component for community growth. They give those who don’t have as much time to stay up to date with discord an overview of the important things going on and celebrate wins. They also serve as a platform to facilitate high social media engagement, spreading awareness to the wider DeFi community and highlighting both the opportunities Pickle provides and the community’s strength and welcoming atmosphere.

Announcement posts
Too often I see a fantastic new strategy go live with only a discord announcement. The pickle community and devs are doing incredible work, and should be celebrated as such with proper Medium articles. These can explain the strategy in detail and rationale behind it, provide explainers on how to get involved, and link back to previous relevant resources.

Other content
I’m also happy to provide other posts as and when the opportunity arises. These can include summaries of forum discussion, developer notes covering the latest PIPs, community member highlights, beginner guides, summaries of community initiatives etc. I’d love to see discussion on other content that the community believes would be valuable.

My work at PieDAO has provided me with valuable media contacts and I’ve built strong links with many other DeFi projects. So far I’ve got us featured in Bankless, The Defiant and Messari.

Sample work
Product announcement https://twitter.com/williambrealey1/status/1324762797171863552
bankless article https://twitter.com/williambrealey1/status/1326709719021465600
(more links in second post, only two links allowed)

I currently have a window of time to provide this work voluntarily. I’m happy to get started immediately as I believe this will be highly valuable for the community. My work will focus on the written content, as marketing requires a significant time investment.
In the near future my schedule may be pretty packed, so I would open the topic of community funding to discussion, provided there is consensus that the work is valuable.


@williambrealey Thanks for taking the time on this!

I fully support this proposal and think something like this is exactly what PICKLE needs.

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