Make voting atomic and more granular

Problem — PIP-17 requires a vote on two independent questions, 1. changing the distribution of LP/Farm rewards, and 2. the distribution of the shifted Farm rewards. By combining them into a single vote, I am unable to, say, vote against the LP/Farm change, while also expressing an opinion on how rewards are shifted if the consensus is to make a shift.

Solution — Run multiple PIP votes concurrently (that’s important, it’s not time-consuming sequential), each one on a specific question. In addition to solving the problem I described above, it would open the door to voting on a more granular set of options for each question, i.e. on the question of LP/Farm rewards shifts, we could vote on No-Shift, 65/35, 60/40, 50/50 to gauge the sentiment of how much of a shift to make in addition to the question of making a shift.


I think this is a great idea. I’m sure there have been PIPs that have had people voting in the negative or not voting at all because while the voter agreed with aspect X of the given PIP the solution Y was not what the voter truly wanted.

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Agreed @dafacto, I was in discord yesterday asking if there was some stats on analysing how the vote distribution is for each of PIPs. I think it will very useful to focus on one proposal per PIP so we can see what the LP community really supports or rejects.

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