Making Community Action Proposals [PLEASE READ FIRST]

Create and discuss proposals for community initiatives to get funded.


We value all of the voluntary community work done for Pickle Finance by the community. However, we also believe that great contributions should be rewarded. Here, community members can propose project plans with funding requirements. Funding for approved projects will come out of the Pickle treasury here. Other members of the community can debate funding as well as propose changes to the scope of the work.


What can be proposed?

Anything that you spend your time and expertise on which will benefit Pickle Finance is appropriate. These include, but are by no means limited to:

  • Translations, video tutorials, data visualization/dashboards, technical writing, blogging, graphic design, art creation, marketing (not ads), community building and moderation, PickleJar strategy development, etc.

If you’ve already made contributions prior to this proposal funding system, you’re invited to create a proposal to receive funding for, and/or to sustain, that work.

Eventually, we would like to be able to accept proposals for full time contributors. However, the project is not at a stage where this is feasible yet.


Proposals which have met the following requirements will be deemed approved:

  • 15 votes in favor
  • 75%+ of the votes are in favor

These proposal vetting requirements are not set in stone and are subject to change. In general, a holistic approach to considering proposals is prefered, taking into account the needs of the project.


Include a descriptive title for your proposal as well as one of the appropriate labels:

  • [Proposal] - initially, posts in this category should be prefixed with this label

  • [Work In Progress] - the forum thread will be used to track the progress of approved proposals

  • [Completed] - completed proposals will be marked as such

Proposal Structure:

Where possible, please try to include the following subheadings in your proposal so that there is consistency between proposals:

  • Abstract - one or two sentences summarizing what this proposal is about

  • About yourself - please share a little about yourself and your relevant experience. Links to past work and experience is particularly helpful!

  • Solution & motivation - describe what you propose to do (or have done) for Pickle Finance and how it benefits the project

  • Deliverables & timeline - clearly outline the deliverable(s) and your proposed timeline (in # of days/weeks following approval)

  • Cost - propose an amount to be compensated for your work. Where there are multiple deliverables, you can include a breakdown of costs timed according to each deliverable. Costs should be denominated in ETH

  • Vote - proposals should include voting options which read 1) Approve proposal, and 2) Reject proposal

With this, we look forward to seeing community initiatives flourish. Thank you for contributing to Pickle Finance!