Marketing - Notes from the Discord discussion

Following the discussion in #Marketing I have tried to collect the various ideas that were put forward and generally agreed on. I’ve also tried to include what’s been added since. I’m not sure if it’s possible to make this thread globally editable so feel free to add.

1) Mission Statement
“Define Pickle’s ‘new’ mission and build a strategy around that.”
“provide yield - consistent and steady yield” was one interpretation. Sustainability and security were also mentioned.

This is really one for the devs I guess. We initially had stabilising stable coins, but as one of the devs pointed out, you can’t profit from this when they are already stable.

2) Coordination
In more than one sense here…

“Coordination of launches - jars + farms (tease, announce, build hype). Push multisig & coordinate that with the announcements of our audit’s completion.”

Also thinking about trying to coordinate new releases to happen at certain times. E.g. when we think there might be an influx of new money coming in (such as post-BTC hype).

3) Education
Many feel that Pickle could be more accessible to the new user. That’s not to say it’s been done badly thus far (we’re better than most), but is there a way to make it easier?
sCRV was thing. Not everyone knows what it is or what to do with it. Can we think of a way to make things like that clearer?
Explanation diagrams etc. We have the green/black ones which are great, but we would make them easier for the beginner

4) Video/Content
More of a communication tool than a strategy, but certainly worth expanding on.

Sorry for all the things I’ve no doubt missed, and for not adding contributor’s names- I just wanted to make a start that we could expand on.


Thanks mate for collating this under the one thread, i think this is a great idea! Would encourage anyone else that had ideas to add here and make this thread more useful.

My List of Questions to ask ourselves to market better:

  1. How do we want to see Pickle Finance evolve over the next few months?
  2. Where do we see the increase in TVL to come from? From the same crypto that is probably rotating around the DeFI ecosystem chasing higher yield or fresh investments from outside? What can we do to capture this?
  3. How diversified or decentralised is our TVL? How to build a diversified TVL where movement of TVL is linked to hundreds or even thousands of wallets to make an impact and not just a few whales?
  4. How easy is it for someone new to value Pickle Finance when trying to enter this space, i.e when someone new is just starting in the DeFI space looking for stable, consistent yield options, how do they find/land on Pickle and how easy is it for them to understand the value proposition of Pickle when compared to other yield farming projects that are not really innovating but just hype bubbles.