Metric for PICKLE

Would be useful to have a Metric that shows how PICKLE LP’s affect the USD stablecoins movements.

To start, would need a graph of the USD stablecoins and when and how much PICKLE LP’s influenced the movements back towards the peg.
This would be a way to show current and potential PICKLE investors that PICKLE LP’s have a measurable effect.
A metric based on that chart would prove the purpose of PICKLES and measure their effectiveness.

Suggested metric would be two part: Deviation adjustment +/-, and Slew Rate (Deviation vs. Time; how fast to adjust).
I would like to see this Metric on the UI, with color coding of Green-Yellow-Red based on current effectiveness.
If the Metric is implemented, a baseline can be established and the limits for the Metric color coding can be set.

Perhaps this is over-simplified.
It may be difficult to measure the specific effect of the PICKLES LP’s vs. the other transactions as they occur in real-time.
But I think that the data analysis toward this end would be very interesting and revealing.

Welcome all comments regarding the Metric.

First of all welcome and thanks for taking the time to write this proposal.

Unfortunately the Mission of bringing stablecoins back to Peg has been made impossible since MKR decided to solve these issues themselves. Therefore your Proposal for this metric hasn’t found a good response.

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