Mirror Finance Farming

Mirror Finance is currently bootstrapping its protocol with synthetic stocks. They are farming liquidity with Mirror (the governance token) as its liquidity incentive. Details of the supply distributions can be found in this medium piece: Mirror User Guide. Background | by Mirror Protocol | Mirror Protocol | Dec, 2020 | Medium

Currently the APR for Mirror:UST (Stablecoin dollar - TerraUSD) Details for TerraUSD can be found at the following link: Announcing TerraUSD (UST)— the Interchain Stablecoin | by Do Kwon | Terra Money | Medium

They also provide farming for a number of synthetic/mirrored stocks against TerraUSD with APRs 200%+ on average. This is at minimum 600% APY when the MIR is reinvested.

I encourage that we start with MIR/UST ($21 Million current liquidity) because it is the governance token and then proceed to introduce the rest of the liquidity pools for the synthetic stocks. This is the opportunity to strengthen our position at the beginning of another novel #DeFi offering.

We should be able modify/update existing contacts given the liquidity is on Uniswap.

Github for Mirrorswap: GitHub - Mirror-Protocol/eth-web-app
Mirror-UST Pair: Uniswap Info
Wrapped Mir: $3.2648 | Wrapped MIR Token (MIR) Token Tracker | Etherscan
Wrapped UST: $1.0100 | Wrapped UST Token (UST) Token Tracker | Etherscan
Claim Contract: Contract Address 0x5d447Fc0F8965cED158BAB42414Af10139Edf0AF | Etherscan

Implement a Strategy/Strategies for Mirror Finance
  • Yes, Assign resources to execute
  • No, Do not Asssign resources to execute

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I have not been able to proceed with testing yet, but this was the start. I hope to complete it soon, if someone doesn’t jump on to help complete.