New barnbridge farms - are they suitable for Pickle?

BarnBridgΞ 🌉


The 1st epoch starts on Mon, Sep 27th.

Available pools to deposit:


4 new pools are also available on mainnet:

By the way, AGLD is hitting 500% APY on Sushi, not sure how sustainable that is but could be considered for farming

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Looks interesting napa, especially AGLD @ 500% - posting this to attract more attention -

Always down for more Polygon farms. Much prefer farming over there with those low fees!

Thanks for sharing @napa! Let’s definitely keep an eye out on those Barnbridge farms coming out. Agreed that Polygon farms could use more love :wink:

I’m failing to see where AGLD has 500% APR on Sushi - this is what I see on SUSHI.

my bad, I remember seeing it go down from 700 to 500% APY. In retrospect, I think it has been a combination of lower liquidity at the same sushi per pool reward level and high trading volume which also is included in the APY number. But the barnbridge farms are generally solid.