Off-Stable Jars

PICKLE just recently introduced the first two non-stablecoin LP feature (besides PICKLE/ETH): The ability to deposit Curve renBTC LP tokens into pJar 0b and WBTC/ETH LPs into pJar 0.69d

That is amazing. Finally, a home for all my BTC-LPs!
Ohwait, just that one…

This is what I would like to discuss:

Introducing non-stablecoin LP opens up the world of PICKLE to a whole universe of LP tokens that could be brought into the fold unter PICKLE’s vision: Off Peg Bad, On Peg Good

I propose to the community that PICKLE introduces a fourth “column” of products that consists of all non-USD pairs, accepts those LP tokens (alone from curve, these could be sBTC, HBTC… imagine going for e.g. UNI wBTC/renBTC, once they get UNI rewards, too!), farms them for their rewards tokens and either…

  1. converts them to ETH and market buys PICKLE and distributes those to stakers
  2. converts them into FARM LP tokens (ie pUNIDAI, pUNIUSC, pUNISDT, psCRV2) and deposits there.

They also could pay PICKLES but they shouldn’t have to.

Notes about each option:

  1. I call this the option “CORE”. It obv is a bit perverted, but it’s worked out for CORE so far. It is not inline with the vision of PICKLE, but probably a very good community incentive program.
  2. The user staking these off-stablecoin LPs would already need to have a stake in one of these on-peg-good farms, but this creates an incentive do “double dip” in both Farms AND this yet-to-be named feature.

We could name this program “PUMPKINS” since they taste different but are also brined (at least sometimes).

I probably havent considered ALL the options, but I’m going on holiday tomorrow and needed to get this idea out, at least.

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