Out of crisis comes opportunity

Although I would not recommend going through such issues again, I thought it was a good opportunity to discuss some of the positive things to come out of the Jar migration issues.

  1. Firstly, congrats to the team for how they handled the situation. I am sure it was mega stressful and I doubt they had much sleep, but they kept on communicating and having seen this kind of thing happen elsewhere that led to team/dev silence … this was very well managed.
  2. The community was awesome too. Yes there were the whiners and moaners and FUD callers, but at a much lower level than I have seen elsewhere. And on the whole the supportive community members didn’t get dragged into name calling or fights.
  3. Issues that lead to stress and a bit of annoyance, but no loss of funds, will surely bring about improved processes and checking in future. So much of this is new to even the most advanced coders so learning opportunities in a controlled situation are valuable.
  4. This has flushed out some high profile Pickle fans and collaborations including banteg, who not only has a significant investment in Pickle but mentioned how great the thinking is behind the Jars. I think some people felt like he needed to come to the rescue, but the team already had things 99% under control - not that the assistance of an elite level coder is not appreciated.
  5. It led to this: https://twitter.com/picklefinance/status/1311831509565878272?s=20 which I am such a huge fan of. The issue now is that the bar is set high so hope this kind of content can continue!

I am sure there are more, but although there are still things being fixed/sorted/migrated/set up I thought it was a good time for positive reflection.


I too was really happy to see how the devs handled everything. I hadn’t participated in the Discord or the Telegram or anything at this point (just Twitter) and although I did see the occasional piece of FUD from someone on there it was mostly optimistic. In addition I was pleasantly surprised to see that the lowest the price became during this whole debacle was still quite high especially considering the price the token generally started out at (~$4ish, yeah?). I thought this was for sure going to tank the price like, a LOT but it really didn’t. Just made for a nice little dip to scoop up more.

I think Pickle is one of the few DeFi Yield Farming protocols out there that actually has an admirable use case. The relative instability of "stable"coins has always been something that’s bugged me and I think Pickle has a really strong opportunity to actually bring some of that stability back.

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Thanks for the kind comments everyone!

I doubt anyone wants to be going through any kind of issue but engineers know they cannot prevent issues from occurrying (at least not unforseen issues) so honestly I don’t think the project developers can do much with your recommendation :slight_smile:

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