Pickle Content Marketing Strategy

Hello Picklers!

Building off @IrrI post yesterday, I wanted to bring up the topic of content.

Content is a key component of any marketing strategy. It helps build your audience, engages your user-base, and keeps your product top of mind.

Two main ways to produce content are via freelancers (writers, graphic designs, video creators etc) and user generated content.

Freelance content is more professional but also more expensive. User generated content is more cost effective but often won’t be as polished. However, users are attracted to protocols for reason that are not always obvious to project developers and freelance content creators. Tapping into those emotions is key to creating great content and building a great community.

yEarn Approach vs Harvest Approach

yEarn pays team members and key community members a fix amounts on a monthly basis for work particular categories. Some of the awardees include pplpleaser for video memes, WrongNebula for memes, design, brand and myself for educational videos. More details here: https://gov.yearn.finance/t/september-grants-announcement/7044

Harvest, on the other had, holds regular content competitions that award prizes to the top 50 participants. This has produced some great Harvest content including videos, meme and songs. More info on their competition here: https://www.publish0x.com/harvestfinance/announcing-harvestfinance-creativity-contest-round-2-plus-bo-xnldqpx. Additionally, Harvest recently send out $50k in ETH ecosystem grants to crypto contributors including $12k to liquidity.vision. The funds were distributed based on polls conducted on the Harvest Snapshot. This is a form of marketing, community building and giving back to the community. See snapshot in the comments for more info:

Both of these solutions have a flaw which is that both systems use an internal committee to deiced on reward distribution. However, as these communities are still developing it is hard to get away from this system. Therefore, this should be a considered a temporary solution since this methodology lends itself to cronyism. We should strive to solve this aspect of the system in the future by having a rotating committee or utilizing something like sourcecred. io

Read more about Index Coop is approaching in the comments below.


I suggest using a combination of these approaches to effectively leverage capital and active community members. A budget should be created that is sent to specific creators in the community that on a month basis. This could be $1,000 per month to pplpleaser for video meme (this may already be in the works), $1,000 per month for a weekly pickle medium post and $1,000 per month for starting and maintaining a subreddit (could be other things this is just examples).

Additionally, a community creative content with a $5,000 prize pool (paid in pickle) should be created. The top 50 participants should be awarded with the top prize being $1,000 and the bottom prizes should be in the $100 range.

This strategy will empower individuals to step up and take responsibility for certain on going tasks and also encourage the average community member to spend an afternoon creating some funny memes. The community contest will also act as a sieve that will bring talent into pickle that can be converted into a more permanent role.

The exact budget for Pickle marketing is something that must be determined by the community and but I think that $8k - $10k is a good starting point for the first month.

We should look to implement this ASAP. Pickle has good standing in the DeFi community and we should look to take advantage of that position. Both of the primary pickle competitors are experiencing challenges at the moment. yEarn is in a “rebuilding” period and Harvest is in a “FUD” period. This will not last forever.

Content Roles include:

Content Writing
Graphic Design (memes)
Video Tutorials
Community Podcast
Reprocessing of Discord/Gov content for twitter
In-depth Research (including graphs)

Please provide your thoughts on this strategy, content you want to be created and budget allocation.

Let make pickles great again!


Harvest Ecosystem ETH Grants:

Index Coop three step system for scaling incetives:

I think community action is a great thing. I’m not sure how harvest is structured, but yearn is a full community-run DAO. Pickle is not from what I understand. The devs are listening very well to the community and the long term vision is a full DAO, but we aren’t there yet I think. If this is still true the devs might need to be a bit more vocal about this. I personally think it’s a good thing, starting as a DAO is very messy and not efficient. Keeping the control at the beginning gives the founders a chance to build out their vision before handing the protocol over to the community.

This doesn’t mean that we can’t do something like is being proposed. I’m trying to give some perspective, because i feel not everyone gets this.


Some excellent points here…I especially agree that we need to take advantage of the market situation.

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For sure. I think that we should take a more centralized approach to this problem initially and move towards a decentralized solution as time goes on.

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got to move fast fast fast

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  • Proceed with a Marketing allocation from Treasury
  • Do nothing

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This vote is just to get the ball rolling, exact details of the budget and program to be fleshed out before an official vote.

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This is definitely required and as suggested I think we should move quickly to start trialling some of these things asap. In fact I think the total allocated could be higher than that suggested … the average allocation for Finance is 8% of total budget (the average is 7.5% of revenue).

@Gabriel as an example, how many videos would you aim to do in a month for the $1k Yearn grant?

Given Pickle’s current standing I would be more for something more towards the Yearn model but allocated (for now) as a one off payment - eg the treasury approves $2k to abc for xyz to be completed over the course of the coming month. Then reassess and those that prove particularly valuable can eb considered for more ‘salaried’ positions. The exception might be those who have already proven their worth eg pplpleaser

I also like the idea of the Pickle Awards. Not sure about following Harvest’s version for Memes, but we could vote on “outstanding contribution to Pickle”, $5k prize pool with say 10 winners, prizes ranging from $1/2k to $1/200.


You’ve certainly done your homework :+1:

One thing that might be worth considering in a marketing budget is reach.
While difficult to put a price on, it seems particularly relevant in our situation…

A common thing mentioned a lot recently is “no one knows about Pickle.”
The unfair reality is that someone can write a fantastic article which has next to no effect because they have no readership. Conversely, someone with influence and a large following can make an off-hard Twitter comment that has a huge effect.

Obviously we can’t just bribe someone with a following (except in a jokey way like Peachy did). Is there any way we can get Pickle on the radar of people with a wider reach in DeFi? Or, is there anything that can be done to increase the reach of the people within the community already creating content?

I see what you mean about cronyism. There is a distinct possibility of alienating people. If there are two people writing articles and one of them gets paid for a year, I doubt the other would continue writing. I like what @Chimera suggested with an initial one-month scheme to allow for a quick start as well as flexibility down the line.

I see the need to get going on this, but @PicklePete made some interesting points in the Marketing channel (not sure how to link it here) about marketing having clear goals, and not just producing noise.


Any way to incentivize referrals?
Also I think the below image may be of interest to create content.

@IrrI you have hit the nail on the head here… We want organic growth of Pickle marketing but without having to look like we paid to shill the content. I think Pickle is still fairly unknown in the CT circles. It has been gaining some traction in the last couple of days since the Harvest fiasco (I am sorry for the users), but somehow a narrative of why/what pickle has to get to influential CT users by them actually seeing the value and not just being shilled!! Well not sure how that is done … but just wanted to say, I agree with what you say above.

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