Pickle Finance Animated Explainer Videos

Hi Pickle Community Peeps.
https://motionfactory.co.za/ "still building my site - dont be hating on me "

Right, here we go my fellow Picklefaces…

Abstract - Gorgeous, Isometric Animation videos that cover various aspects/strengths/draw cards about the project/platfrom

About yourself Overly energized, Animal Lover, Passionate about Blockchain and the ever evolving DEFI space. Weakness for Ice Cold beer, Boobs, and an avid Surfer and Freediver/Spearfisherman residing in beautiful South Africa.

Solution & motivation Simply put - i like to reach out to projects i see value in, want to engage with, become a part of the driving force and have some responsibility in assisting them though visual communications i can create to help educate, market and evangelize on behalf of. Iv been working in this space a little over 5 years now and have enjoyed some awesome friendships, incredibly top-tier client relationships formed and now i super motivated to jump in balls deep into Defi…theres a great energy brewing here in Pickle…i can feel it in my plums…and Pickle…

Deliverables & timeline i want to do 3 x videos that will cover 3 main topics. each video would take about a full week of production. If someone on team can assist me in creating the scripts for each episode… each video will include Logo Animation, Voice Over, Main editing and post production, Title animations and a call to action at the end befitting the work.

Cost total cost is $3500 for the entire series… aka 9Eth aka 107Pickle - id prefer to only be paid in PICKLE if possible as i want skin in the game and the have an invested interest.

Trust you all will be as excited as i am about getting this done…

Could you show us some of your work?

i tried to but this system wouldnt allow me to post links?? ill try again here

Look - i think its pretty straight forward - i make things look fkn good - im here to help, either its a ya or nay…im here on the curb kicking a stone waiting for some action…eventually ill get bored and move on to another street - not hard to to see the value here…

Not to be rude, but I am not impressed by your work, nor by your attitude.

The videos are very stock standard and barely produce any added value.
I do not see how promotional videos in general add value to the project at this early stage.
Additionally I think your lack of expertise (I am just assuming from your post, take no offense) in Pickle.Finance is gonna make the production of your video pretty tough and would require a lot of oversight from third parties.


Agree with this @0xBoxer. The videos shown as examples are decent but not mind-blowing, certainly not enough to warrant the attitude or the fees.