Pickle Jar Visual Dashboard

Hey everyone,

These sort of things get lost in discord so I opted to post it here as well for posterity. I’ve created a visual dashboard for visualizing pJar balances over time and hope you find it useful!


  • Update block height to local date
  • Implement jar historical performances
  • Implement individual historical earnings
  • Track + chart treasury payouts (historical staking rewards)

Please feel free to leave me any feedback on how I can make this tool useful as possible!


Great job @jintao. Keep up the good work!

excellent work! Thank you.

I love it. Great job
keep on Brining :slight_smile:

@jintao This Dashboard is super cool mate. Keep up the great work!! Very useful to visualise at a glance the health of jars and the project as a whole!!

DUDE!! I love this! I just decided to dip my toes back into Pickle after a long financial downturn on my end and was coming here to see if there was a way to do…well, exactly what this platform does–show me how much I’m getting with my jars per day!

Obviously this was posted months ago so I have no idea if you’re even still onboard the Pickletrain, but it’d be great if there were a way to see the additional funds earned with the two new jars/farms (the crazy-high APY ones). The one I’m in has a whopping 6,814% APY for MIS (Mithril Shares) and I’d love to see how much that’s actually producing! Granted, I just got into the jar and am frankly not too familiar with Sushiswap’s mechanics nor Mithril’s so maybe it just takes a while to show up.

Regardless, great work! I hope you’re doing well during these trying times.


I’m getting an error in console and everything disappears.

“TypeError: r is undefined”
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e runtime.js:97

Babel 6

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r Dashboard.js:362

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Babel 4

c Dashboard.js:359

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React 2

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React 4

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React 6

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r (index):1



This site is being retired, the same info is now here: Pickle Interface

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