Pickle Power Harvest - Swap - Stake function

The feature would be a “stake earnings” button near the harvest button in Pickle Power that would call a function that would: 1) harvest the pending Pickles, 2) sell half of the Pickles to ETH, and then 3) add to the user’s Pickle/ETH LP position and 4) stake that LP in Pickle Power.

The value proposition is that the farmer can stay in the farm UI and up-stake pickles with one click. Bada bing, bada boom. This also encourages people to easily stake their pickle earnings and keep on rolling.

For v2 of this feature, the user could choose which farm or pJar pair they want to exchange their farmed pickles for and have them dropped in automagically.

Thanks to @Larry_the_Cucumber and @fill or the ideation and collaboration on this feature. :+1: Original idea post: Discussion: Button to harvest all and stake in Pickle Poewr #QmPBsuK


+1 support for this!

I think there already was a discussion about this + this is extra bit I was hoping we can have: Discussion: Button to harvest all and stake in Pickle Poewr #QmPBsuK

@fill I thought I had seen this somewhere, thanks. I added you into the main description as a collaborator - just want to make sure this gets proper attention and maybe a vote. :+1::cucumber:


np man - glad we have a common goal - def we need this to make users more hyped ;-D

Thanks for kicking this discussion off @EtherBlue and @fill! I like the idea. This definitely results in a lot less friction for users to re-invest their earned rewards back into the ecosystem whereas dumping their earned PICKLEs would be the easy alternative.

In the very near future, we’re going to have implemented the feature of being able to stake just PICKLEs for a portion of PickleJar rewards. Both adding to the PICKLE/ETH pool and staking PICKLEs benefit the ecosystem. So what do you guys think of presenting separate options which, using their earned PICKLEs 1) allows users to add to their PICKLE/ETH LP position, and 2) allows users stake in the (purely) PICKLE pool?

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I think giving both options at the same time will be beneficial - people will appreciate both choices.

Having two rows of buttons under your harvest counter:

  • [ Reinvest ] [ Stake ]
  • [ Harvest ]
    would work well with a focus on two first buttons and the bottom option a bit less prominent.

Also, we could add an explanation to the users what those buttons do in a form of either:

  • [ ? ] button that shows on the hover explanation about options
  • modal that confirms the action after clicking each button

A good practice when it comes to user’s UX - in fact, I urge to provide more “hints” across the whole page :wink:

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Yep this would be great. Would need the original Harvest button too, so three total. @fill’s idea for layout could work, but depends on the new UI being developed. Hover-overs should definitely be added, or an (i) with info box.

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This sounds really good. If there were two options, I would probably want to drop some pickles into both to see what happens and what the differences are. Maybe a simple slider or % to drop in your selection option would be cool so thst it isn’t just 100% in one or the other? Maybe Pri 2.

Instead of for people manually calling the 2 options, we could have 2 wrapper pools that each will do one of the options automatically for everyone who is using it. But that seems over-complicated from user experience point of view tbh, I’m just trowing it out there as idea.