PICKLE rewards for the 3pool jar

hi guys,

Since the 3poolCRV LP (farming CRV) is now available for farming, I propose that we should start to reward 3poolCRV instead of sCRV.

3pool has much higher APY (16.79% CRV) than sUSD recording at 4.75% CRV before boosted. So as you can imagine, the APY will go as high as 41.97% CRV according to the curve official site. Also the trading volume of 3pool is now the highest pool in curve.

let’s discuss about this.


I think your title should be:

“Reward 3poolCRV to PICKLE stakers instead of sCRV”

Agree 100%. 3pool is already 3x the size of sUSD and is likely to be the dominant stablecoin pool.