PIP-22 Candidate Submission - Anoniminis & Chimaera

Hi guys, I would like to express my interest for the Pickle COO role as per Larry’s PIP-22 and would be submitting a joint bid together with @chimaera.

A little background about me and my crypto journey thus far - I have been involved with crypto for at least 5 years now and looking back, I wouldn’t trade the hands-on experience and the interaction with people from all over the world, be it anon or not, for anything else. It has been a learning curve for me since day 1 and I am still learning and trying to get the most out of my crypto journey.

I chanced upon Pickle Finance when I was looking for my next food farm and was actually one of the first to join the Pickle Discord. Usually, I will just farm and leave in search of the next opportunity, but Pickle’s objective of pegging stable coins and off-peg being bad struck a chord with me. I stayed, volunteered as an admin and basically assisted BBB, Larry and Penguin wherever possible to ensure the success of the Pickle protocol. Though we have been unlucky to be hit by 2 incidents, with the pDAI hack impacting many, including myself, I believe that we are on the right track with Larry at the helm, Yearn as our ecosystem partners and the many community members who are helping out. The imminent launch of Yearn’s v2 vaults will also allow Pickle to regain some TVL and introduces a new paradigm with DILL boosting and governance voting.

Professionally, I am involved in the fintech industry within the risk and controls/ governance domain. You can say that I am responsible in keeping the lights on so that my company does not breach any regulatory obligations, our platform does not suffer any outages and our customer data (PII) are stored safely.

Personally, I have a major in Computer Science and only some of this acquired knowledge is used presently. For one, I am comfortable reading the codes for any new farms to ensure that it is safu with no risk of a rug-pull. I have also developed a skill-set such that I am able to comb through news feeds, tweets, medium articles and any outlets that may lead me to my next crypto opportunity. Last but most importantly, I have been able to connect with many crypto enthusiasts who share the same passion for crypto and show a willingness to help out and develop further, which is beneficial to my personal development.

Moving on, I would like to switch gear to cover what I can do for Pickle whether I am selected or not. I have documented several goals that are measurable and actionable that I think are important and close to the Pickle community:

  1. Contributing to the day-to-day of Pickle operations and ensuring that it’s business-as-usual. This would include tasks: maintaining the harvester bot, ensuring Pickle emissions are reduced weekly, ensuring that Pickle staking rewards are replenished on time, multi-sig txns are planned ahead and queued accordingly and communities queries are answered in a timely manner.

  2. Automating harvester bot via Keep3r so that pJARs participants continue to receive the highest yield from us.

  3. Ensure Pickle DILL is ready to be launched with Yearn’s v2. This would include revamping the governance process from LPs to DILLs, clarity and documentation of the new Pickle boosts.

  4. Continue to build the Pickle community, maintaining a good vibe and increase overall community engagement.

  5. Ensure that CORN holders are not forgotten, and to explore ways to push forward towards the repayment of our corn debt.

  6. Explore collaborations and integrations with other DeFi projects. This would include potential exchange listings, Pickle listings on other DeFi protocols etc

  7. Ad-hoc initiatives and request from the communities. For e.g. snapshots, votings, Pickle emissions gauges, AMAs and others.

To achieve the above goals, I am proposing a joint bid with @chimaera as our skillsets are complementary and between us, we are confident that we will fulfill the role well. More on chimaera profile and skillsets to be posted by my partner soon.

If you have stuck with me thus far, I would like to thank you for taking time and interest in this. Before you cast your vote, please understand that you will be voting for someone who will strive to do his best for the goals above and will make Pickle a success for all of us, with the help of the wonderful community (you know who you are).

Thank you and happy to answer any queries that you might have in the forum.

*P.S: We are also proposing to utilize 2% of the COO budget towards the repayment of our CORN debt, following Larry’s good gesture with his dev funds.


I am interested in having you more involved in pickle on a full time basis (if that is an option) but what you are describing is strictly an operations role. What we are looking for as a primary role is Head of Product. We are mixing in some operations responsibilities to lighten Larry’s lift and freeing him to focus on other core areas (hence the COO title mix). In most corps (this isn’t a corp) we would completely separate Operations and Product.

Ideally I would want to pursue you for an operations role like you describe and have someone else exclusively to lead product at Pickle.

I think the more crucial role is Product 1st, then maybe we can look at operations as we grow. Thoughts?


Thanks for kickstarting the thread @Anoniminis !

Alongside Anoniminis, I would like to put myself forward for the role described in PIP-22. I won’t go into my introduction to crypto, DEFI and Pickle because you can read that for yourselves on the forum dillboard thread if you so wish. What I will give, is a bit more background on is my experience and why I think I can play a significant role in the future success of Pickle.

My background is consulting, marketing, branding and market research – in essence I have spent my career helping businesses of all kinds to grow, from startups to global blue-chips. I have led teams, advised CEOs and helped create growth in businesses of significant scale.

Outside of work I like to immerse myself into new topics on a regular basis and historically I would flip from one to the next once I grasped it. For a while it was quantum mechanics, then economic theory, all sorts of topics (not all as fancy sounding!). However in crypto I have found an area that is sticky and expansive enough to retain my interest – it’s an area that I don’t think I will ever stop learning in. Although my day job is not crypto related, crypto is what absorbs the rest of my time. Not just because I am trading - the possibilities for crypto and defi are amazing and I believe in a future where such is prevalent.

It has been painful to see Pickle limp along for a while after the hack and particularly after BBB and Penguin left, but that potential I saw a few months ago is still there. As is Larry (a CEO/lead I can relate to and believe in) and some semblance of a community. Those things alone make Pickle special and I would like to not only help return Pickle to its former glory … but significantly beyond, becoming a core part of the Yearn ecosystem but also standing strong in its own right.

As I have demonstrated through many forum and Discord discussions, I have a particular interest in governance and striking that delicate balance between being a community run DAO and getting things done in a timely manner that will benefit the project in the longer term. I can’t wait for DILL to be in place so that we can have a clearer process for governance and ensuring that everyone works together towards a common goal.

The reason for a joint bid with Anoniminis - since joining the Pickle community I have grown to like, admire and respect Anoniminis hugely. We both have other commitments that we would like to retain and so to ensure that Pickle gets the focus it should, we would share the role, with clear responsibilities and tasks. Our skillsets and experience are extremely complementary and I think together we can deliver to the high expectations of the community and team.

Thanks for your consideration.


Hi mate, thanks for the questions.

I have reviewed the job scope defined by Larry and am certain that the initial deliverables will be on #3 where we ensure a successful Pickle/ Dill launch with Yearn v2.

Having gone through pre-Curve launch as an initial liquidity provider (proof of wallet available upon request), I am confident we are able to value add when we rebrand Pickle Dill as it mimics CRV closely. Coupled together with @chimaera marketing skills, I’m sure we can implement this smoothly.

As for the next steps for Product, we would also explore the collaboration and integration with other Defi protocols. For e.g, Cream listing, AAVE, Compound for users to be able to borrow against the Pickle collateral.

Let me know if you have any JD for Products that is a priority, we can definitely add that as part of our KPI


Very interesting proposal guys. I think having the two of you covering different time zones and having a lot of relevant experience is definitely a plus. You have been constantly engaged in the Pickle community and know the ins and out of what must get done. Two for the price of one is pretty cool. Hopefully some members of the community feel comfortable asking you questions and getting the conversation rolling on this.


Extremely pleased to see these gentlemen step up :clap:

@Anoniminis and @chimaera have been key contributors since the very beginning, even before I joined in week 2. Active in both Discord and the forums, they have both been calm voices of reason during all the turbulent times we have faced as a community.

Personally, I’ve never met anyone as willing to freely share alpha as @Anoniminis.
His deep knowledge of the latest developments in DeFi continues to astound me.

Our latest cash cow BAC/DAI didn’t come out of nowhere. @Anoniminis has been pushing it for weeks, and we could have doubled our Treasury by now if we had acted sooner.

Harvests have been an ongoing issue. @Anoniminis proposed an effective solution months ago, but BBB shot it down at the time.

In my opinion, we shouldn’t get too hung up on the role per se (operations vs product), but rather consider what the community needs right now, which is strong leadership, better communication, and getting our day-to-day operations streamlined as we rebuild and aim for a successful reboot as part of Yearn V2.

As @jrrrrrr already mentioned, having 2 COOs for the price of one + covering multiple time zones is another bonus.

I believe that the future of Pickle would be in good hands with @Anoniminis, @chimaera and @Larry_Cucumber at the helm.

Gents, you have my vote.


I think these are the right candidates for the job.

The energy and time both have already spent on this protocol makes them the perfect team for this position. I can only say good things about both of them and have high respect for their takes and participation in the past.

What I want to emphasize is that these two are already an integral part of the community and have shown in the past that they are here and will stay here, come good or bad times.

I think having two people which are already well connected inside of this community in the position of COO would be hugely beneficial for community engagement and contributions.
They speak our language and are our people, hence I think they would fit super well to lead our people.

This is a DAO after all, the COO is as much of a common person as the next guy, he just tries to keep shit running and organises us commoners. If we need anything it’s active leadership and participation while also involving the community. I trust these guys to step up into that role and basically crawl the trenches with us and go the extra mile us unpaid members are not willing and able to walk.


I thought this role was to be more product focused and COO mixed in to support Larry. It seems people are more focused on operations, which is something Larry is in fact leading. I wanted to see a real product person join pickle on a full time basis. In my experience leading recruiting for startups and fortune 500, a single full time resource is worth more than a team of part time freelancers.

While I absolutely see value in both of these candidates (as freelancers), I don’t think splitting this role into 2 part time roles is the right move. On top of that we do NOT have product vision for Pickle addressed. What we will have addressed here is marketing and “better” operations. If that is what you all think pickle needs, so be it. I had a very different idea which dates back to our forum & discord conversations with Dafacto and LKJ.

Also, are we adding more anons to the core pickle team or do we see value in non-anon core team members? I am one of 2 non-anons at pickle (multisig) and thought growing our team with some non-anon folks was better.

There is significant commitment made when:

  1. non-anon (due to reputational risk) + opening more doors as a public-facing core member
  2. full time where the bulk of your income is generated and the focus is 100% Pickle.

Again I am excited by these two candidates wanting to step up and do more for the protocol, I just don’t think they fit what we were looking for. I would explore engaging as freelancers after filling the “Head of Product / COO if that was an option.

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Based off the stated position responsibilities in Larry’s post - [PIP-22] Budget for COO/Product Lead :

  • Developing and managing a Growth process: an iterative, data-driven approach to reach the organization’s goals by experimenting and compounding on what works, open to the whole community to participate in. This also involves goal-setting that is product-oriented and informs the product roadmap: its strategic, technical, and UX components.
  • Managing design, engineering, and marketing resources that are specifically focused on engaging the community of users. These resources are deployed in tasks ranging from optimization of a certain aspect in the Growth funnel (e.g. search engine optimization for awareness) or delivering user-facing collateral like website pages, or content in a publishing platform, or engagement in social media platforms.
  • Conducting research into the usability, accessibility, and scalability of the product as a whole, through direct interaction with its users.
  • Contributing to the management of the communications, partnerships, and community of the protocol.
  • Contributing to the development and management of the documentation of the protocol, its governance process, and its brand identity.

I see no issue with the submittal by @Anoniminis and @chimaera meeting the guidelines for the position. This position was created in an ad-hoc nature and the proposal seems to not only meet the general core requirements, but to add some additional value on top of those core requirements.

There is not much value in spending time on the anon discussion. Our founder(s)/devs are anon, the majority of the multi-sig, and the majority of defi participants. Not to mention the fact that @yyctrader has been performing the position at Basis successfully as an anon with full community backing. The fact that you chose to disclose your identity is a personal choice, but should have no weight in your decision on this role, unless you would require the same of the entire core team.


mixing in non-anon, qualified people into our core management team does in fact open doors. I was approached to be a mutlisig in part because I am not anon. That fact was used in a positive light for pickle early on. I don’t think the benefits on “non-anon” really needs to be disputed.

Also this is not the only point I was making. This proposal, while I find it compelling, as it addresses operations and marketing, it does not “lead product” or show me how product is a core focus of this role. If you read the bullets Larry posted, product is a big part of the core requirements. Other than knowing both candidates here as positive members of our community (I share this opinion) I do not see qualification. I do not see work history. I do not see LinkedIn profiles.

I guess if you are pushing for a hire with no tangible work history, the idea of “qualified” applicants is out the window and replaced with “we just like these guys as part of our community” (which I share that sentiment, I like them too).

But lets not call this “lets hire the most qualified candidate/candidates”.


As an applicant I guess it would be remiss of me not to address these points with my perspective. However thanks for the questions, discussion and scrutiny is great because this is important for Pickle, and I respect your experience and viewpoints.

I agree in some sense that this would be ideal. With my business hat on and if I was hiring for my own team, I would think the same. However this is not a traditional business or startup, it is an anonymously (largely) run cryptocurrency project that has seen significant success (despite setbacks) and has even more significant potential. As such, there isn’t an official contract of employment, no pension/401k, no health benefits.

People with skills, passion and experience are in high demand so it is not a surprise that many are gainfully employed already. Rather than trying to find a candidate that is either unemployed currently or willing to leave a full time job/other commitments to take this role, why not consider tapping into talent that has already been snapped up. In a joint role, you will likely get much more than a 40hr week from @Anoniminis and me because this is our passion already. We’d need to agree ways of working to ensure clarity and reduce overlap/redundancy but that’s all possible with good management.

Also see some benefit in having named individuals on the team, however Pickle was founded by and currently led by fully anonymous team members, as is the majority of DEFI. My rationale for staying anonymous is not the association with Pickle as a project, merely relating to point 1 above in that my professional career makes it necessary. If I was going to be non-anon then I would also need to be full time, which isn’t feasible right now. I still feel that my reputation is on the line, even if it’s just many years in crypto and a large network at risk, rather than my ‘real life’ reputation. I have also seen enough in the crypto world to be concerned about the safety of my family when it comes to the crazies that always appear when something goes wrong.

Totally agree that in most corps (and agree that this isn’t one) the roles would be more clearly defined. But his role is about taking the core team from 2 people to 3, and so there needs to be a mix of responsibilities. I think you yourself labelled it as “Product/COO/CMO” at one point. We don’t currently have the luxury of hiring 3 or more people to fulfil these dedicated roles.

To me, product is Pickle and Pickle is the product - however I also would want to ensure the brand and what that stands for is intertwined. My starting point would be to identify a brand vision and product strategy, then from there developed an implementation roadmap. We will likely need experts along the way (eg @dafacto , @williambrealey) to help realise that, but we can work that out along the way. Our role would be about driving the team that builds and optimises the product, ensuring that the community is engaged and consulted at each step.

Personally I am not one for management buzzwords (although I know lots!), I am more focused on getting shit done. Maybe if you still feel that the Product focus is lacking you could list some more defined tasks and roles you would envisage?

Overall, I believe that this somewhat hybrid role is absolutely needed right now. There is definitely some overlap with Larry, but I would rather @Larry_Cucumber spent more time out there being the ‘face’ ( :cucumber:) of Pickle and leading, than operations and product nitty gritty.


Product Lead (typically) intersects design, tech and business. While they do “lead” they typically do not manage (direct reports). They create / own the product roadmap with a deep understanding of customers. Product Leads DRIVE the product vision. In our case, this role would be more as a Chief Product Officer (CPO) - owning & overseeing everything related to product at Pickle. This role would in fact help with management of cross functional teams and if a candidate has operations experience, even better. The core of this role should be Product.

When Pickle launched, the product was focused on stable coins (off peg bad…) which later changed to just yield farming and with Dill, is becoming Yearn’s gauge (version of Curve)? Fact is, as a protocol we don’t know our own identity or what we are in DeFi. We have ZERO product vision. Most of what we have done has felt reactionary Vs visionary. What we need more than operations and marketing is to define exactly WTF is Pickle.

I’ve been here since week #1 and I’m still trying to figure that out. Whenever I ask, I hear differing opinions. A Product-focused professional would absolutely fix this by making it their mission every day to carve out and define WHAT PICKLE IS, instead of wait for AC and Yearn to tell us what it is. A product-focused leader would be working with AC to define Pickle in Yearn’s ecosystem. Dafacto communicated with AC on this topic. Our internal CPO would be doing this and more.

I’d further define the Product role for Pickle, but everyone here only needs to read Dafacto’s post on Product vision for Pickle.

Marketing and Operations is critical (and a different role altogether) but we need an experience leader to define and lead our product moving forward.

Dafacto’s post on product

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Then I think we are, pretty much, on the same page. In that Pickle needs a vision, a strategy and an implementation roadmap that incorporates branding and a clear brand identity plus product vision and development plan (including UI/UX). As I said, for me Pickle is the product is the brand - I tend to use the word brand given my background but we are essentially talking the same thing - I think.