[PIP-22 Candidate Submission] leekuanjew

Pursuant to PIP-22, I would like to formally submit my candidacy for the role of COO / Product Lead on Pickle’s core team.

I have been a member of the Pickle community since its early days (I joined this forum in late September 2020, just a few days after the founding team set it up) back when we were an elastic farming experiment. Furthermore, I have been a member of the multi-sig since mid-November, shortly after the protocol governance expanded to include community members. I have been here through Pickle’s highs and lows, contributing in the best way I could. Other dwellers of this forum are probably familiar with me, particularly through the Smart Treasury discussion, but also other initiatives like the switch to WETH rewards for stakers, the Bug Bounty Program, and discussions on liquidity, the rewards mechanism, and community initiatives. You can read more about me personally and my Crypto journey in the dillboard discussion.

My professional background is that of a Growth hacker, sort of a cross between a product marketing manager and a technical product manager. I have been working in startups and technology for the past 10 years, as an employee, an entrepreneur, and twice as a co-founder in venture-backed projects, the most recent one providing crypto-native tools for protocol developers to conduct compliant token distributions and increase the effectiveness of their community marketing. Before working in crypto, I handled the productization of a computer vision (AI) solution for smart city stakeholders (railway operators, airport operations, oil & gas, etc.) that was featured in both TechCrunch and the New York Times. More about my background can be found on my LinkedIn and GitHub. I understand this role is high-profile and I am comfortable being non-anon.

I believe Pickle is at a point in time where its initial experimental thesis has been proven, and a dedicated focus on growth would allow the protocol to break through and scale as well as open new opportunities within the nascent Yearn partnership. Given the many talented people involved in the Pickle community, any process set up to grow the protocol should also be able to leverage those resources. As someone who has developed and managed such Growth processes in the past, and having worked with both other community members and the core team, I believe I am well-suited to take up this role and, personally, I would be absolutely stoked to be working in DeFi where I already spend a lot of my time :innocent:.

I have laid out how I see myself leading product for Pickle in this governance discussion. In short, I believe this goes with setting up a Growth process that starts with determining the goals and metrics that will serve as proxies for progress (e.g. TVL, strategies released per mth, # of addresses locked to governance) and from there set a framework by which the whole team (and the community) can ideate, implement, and test the changes and enhancements that will allow Pickle’s growth to hit its momentum. I understand this is a role for which many hats have to be worn at once (i.e. product manager, coder, UX designer, marketer, data analyst), and though I am by no means able to cover every area, I know where I might fall short and will need to reach out for assistance. Having this growth process in place means Pickle can formalize innovation, encourage appropriate risk-taking with its resources, and properly implement lessons learnt even when goals aren’t always reached.

I hope in 6 months we will be looking back at this moment from the vantage point of a culture and mindset that shifted to embrace the hardships we endured in our quest for growth. My thanks to everyone who has read this and @Larry_Cucumber for spearheading this particular initiative to further strengthen the core team. Whether I am ultimately selected or not, I will do my best to see this great community succeed.


Thank you for sharing all these details @leekuanjew. Sorry if you addressed this, but do you plan on leaving your current work and focusing on the COO position full-time? Also, I made a post about Pickle needing a COO in the beginning as well. My view was that a COO would help Pickle get listed on exchanges. Is this something that you can work on?

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No problem, @pipickle and thank you for your question. If selected, I will be focusing on Pickle on a full-time basis (as expected for a COO role, probably for much longer hours than a typical full-time). As for your question on listings, we should put it under consideration with other priorities for the protocol. I’d reckon at the beginning, we shall be putting ahead the profitability of the protocol, at the very least to the point of covering basic operations for our team to run full-throttle. But, of course, helping the price of Pickle helps the Treasury as well, so partnerships will help with that.


Join in Yearn group is good,on the other side,some people will think about that you can’t make the market higher than Yearn beacuse you are the one of that. The number makes you small that is 8%.what do you think about this?Can you describe the furture of PICKLE please?what is the next?

Hi, fefe. Thanks for that because I gather from your question that Pickle could do more with communicating its roadmap and the changes in the horizon. Turns out that when Yearn v2 launches in early 2021, Pickle and Yearn’s total value locked (TVL) metric will fuse together. So, you will see it as one in sites like DeFi Pulse. However, we as Pickle still have room to grow the assets under management (AUM) for our strategies as well as the value that will be locked with the upcoming DILL launch (in final audit phases) for boosts and other rewards. Since together the Yearn yield and the Pickle yield will form the total return on investment for all vault users in Yearn, our partnership will be more like a symbiotic relationship where innovation and feature releases by either protocol will result in benefits for both.


Thank you for you reply,leekuanjew.
In Chinese,we always talk about kung fu,that is be the fastest way you will unbreakable.I found PICKLE because the team did lots of evolution and the team did it so quickly,it give us confidence.The team have lots ideas to break the ways of DEFI.Don’t throw it away.Good luck.

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