[PIP-25] Yield Farming with Pickle Treasury

Vote here: Snapshot


Currently, the Pickle Treasury contains ~$550k of funds, most of which are sitting idle.

1inch Exchange, the DEX aggregator has launched a liquidity mining program starting on January 9, 2020 and running for the duration of a month. The program supports farming for liquidity pairs which our treasury currently holds, namely:

  • ETH/USDT ($50k)
  • ETH/DAI ($281k)

Both of these pairs earn over 50% APY at 1inch at the time of writing. There is an opportunity for our treasury to actively grow its reserves by farming on top of a trusted platform.


This proposal, if passed, involves withdrawing the aforementioned liquidity pairs into Larry the Cucumber’s multi-sig keyholder wallet so that he may deposit them on 1inch to take advantage of the liquidity mining program for the benefit of the Pickle Treasury.

This proposal only extends to the 1inch liquidity mining program. Any future use of treasury funds for similar purposes must be agreed upon by the Pickle community.

PAY for publicity or innovate,don’t get the fee from other DEFIs.
It makes people think that is better to deposit ETH there not PICKLE.