[PIP-27] Budget for New Developer Hire

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As Pickle scales up again with its development work - including DILL implementation, new strategies and more - we have identified the need to solidify and expand our technical resources.

At the moment, 0xkoffee is doing an amazing job but even working full time he can’t keep up with all of the moving parts and development needs. Thus we wish to supplement our technical capacity with an additional hire.

The ideal candidate would specialise in and have extensive and demonstrable experience in the use of Solidity/Vyper for DeFi smart contracts. Frontend development skills (React) are also desirable. Lastly familiarity with the Pickle codebase would be a bonus.


As per the previous hire arrangement for 0xkoffee, we feel that a total salary of $156k/year is appropriate for our desired candidate. The compensation will be denominated in $120k in stablecoins and $36k in PICKLEs, vesting in 3 month increments, the value of which is determined on a monthly basis.

Candidate Selection

Assuming the budget for this role is approved, potential candidates will be invited to submit their application via a forum thread, on which the Pickle community can ask questions. After a reasonable time, the selection committee will debate the applications and come to a decision: @Larry_Cucumber, @0xkoffee, @jintao, @Mah_Dills , @purplezky, @Rooster_Cogburn77, @sifu, and @yyctrader.


This proposal asks you to indicate whether you support the allocation of an additional $156k budget to hire a new developer, in addition to 0xkoffee and the existing team. We welcome any additional comments.

Approve budget for new dev hire?
    • Yes I support this
    • No I don’t support this

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Full support.

A new developer would be a valuable addition to ramp up the incredible work we’re already putting out.

Such a hire should be competitively paid in order to attract the top talent.

Pickle’s treasury continues to strengthen and the best thing we can do is reinvest in the platform by attracting more talent and growing the core team. Needless to say, this has my full support.

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