[PIP-27 Candidate Submission] Application for Dev Position


I would like to formally apply for the developer position at Pickle Finance. I really love
Pickle, the community is awesome, and would be proud to work for this DeFi project. My
aspiration is to be the next BBB / 0xPenguin!

I enjoy taking on difficult challenges and I find DeFi to be a nascent space so there’s
a lot of room for exciting innovation and creative solutions. I hope to bring a big picture
perspective to Pickle, i.e. thinking about where we fit into the DeFi space over the next 10
years, and constantly working on technical solutions (or otherwise) to get us there. Looking
forward to working with the newly forming Team Pickle!

Relevant experience

Udemy certificate “Ethereum and Solidity: The Complete Developers Guide”. Python,
JavaScript (node) & web3js, React. I have deployed a kickstarter type smart contract called
“CrowdCoin” and a Lottery contract to the Rinkeby test network, including contract unit
testing in Mocha and front-ends in React.

I use DeFi a lot! I had a CDP very early on (before multi-collateral DAI) and was
a uniswap LP, then in 2020 until now I’ve been yield-farming on platforms such as Aave,
Compound, dYdX, Yearn, finally settling on Pickle.

Collaboration, and working well with team members; helping them out / sharing ideas
and showing what I’m working on (screen sharing, pair programming, agile/scrum develop-
ment etc.), writing detailed documentation. Hard-working, and willing to pivot ideas and
change direction quickly depending on the community/market needs.

Other useful experience

I hold a MSc in Physics, PhD in Computational Chemistry, and worked as a postdoc
researcher for 2.5 years in the same field.

10 years Linux experience, with coding and scripting in python, Matlab, Fortran, Linux
bash terminal (grep, awk, sed, etc.), LaTeX. Machine learning: 1 year experience. Solv-
ing maths equations computationally (e.g. numerical integration, differential equations). I
performed and wrote code to analyse large-scale molecular simulations (high performance
computing) at the comp. chem. departments of 2 universities (6.5 years exp., PhD and post-

Technical/scientific writing and presentation skills, published in over 10 scientific re-
search articles and presented my work at science conferences. My thesis is full of equations!

I hope you consider me for the position!


Do you have a github or smart contracts to point to that you developed?

Yes but it would reveal my identity. I can create a GreenFrieza github I suppose and commit code there.
Is that a deal-breaker on being hired though?

I’m under the impression in this novel decentralised working environment, I could be voted in and then voted out unless I perform up to a certain expectation. It’s different to being hired by a traditional company, where I would sign a contract for 2+ years, so the company would want to see LinkedIn, Github, my CV, me passing multiple interview stages etc. because they don’t want to be locked in with a bad employee for 2 years. In the DAO-type style I can be voted out within a very short time-frame if I’m not up-to-standard. I hope that makes sense.

I’m willing to work for free for an initial period of 2 months (or donate 100% of my salary to Corn during this period if payment must be made). I really am that enthusiastic to get behind Pickle!


Ah, Rodger that. Didn’t know if your pseudonymity was a long term or short term identity.

good to see you here Frieza. You have an impressive background. As mentioned above, could you throw together a github (not revealing your identity) so we can take a closer look at your code / methods etc. It would be great for the dev team to get a sense of how you approach building something in the relevant tech for this specific role (web3, solidity, JS etc.)

Your background in mathematics is also relevant.


Thanks. Sure thing, here it is: greenfrieza (Green Frieza) · GitHub

For full transparency (which would come out if there was a phonecall interview) I present myself as a computational scientist/researcher that became a dev recently (~2 years).

I realise my competition are full blown developers that outclass my dev portfolio, but I really hope to gain an edge over them with other insights that may not be possible via a pure developer (like you mentioned maths background, and statistics, computational/math modelling), and my never ending work-ethic and enthusiasm towards Pickle.

PM me on discord or twitter (@greenfrieza) if the dev team have any concerns or questions. Cheers!


Was looking at the randomness you used being connected to the block difficulty at the time. Did you consider using the block difficulty or hash of a future block a la the posted article?

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It’s definitely exploitable how I wrote it. It was intended as a placeholder for randomness as it was only a project to practice on honestly.

Interesting to use a future block as a source of randomness though. Something which can only be known after the lottery ends! I’ve also considered using an oracle with some “real” data that can’t be known beforehand.

I’m glad someone’s checking my code though; Thanks!