[PIP-27 Candidate Submission] Full Stack and Solidity Developer

My Github: 0xlocker (unlocker) · GitHub
10+ years of experience full stack and 3 years of experience in solidity development. Previously worked at several famous blockchain companies as a lead and full stack engineer.
So far, worked at Harmony-ONE, ALQO, Harvest Finance and TrustSwap. Have extensive experience in defi and javascript/typescript development. Proficient in the modern frontend frameworks.

These are my successful products.
GitHub - 0xlocker/hal9k-core: hal9k smart contract (deflationary yield farming with NFT)
Harmony One Wallet - Chrome Web Store (chrome extension wallet like metamask) https://bitfineon.com/ (CEX like binance)
https://swoop.exchange/ (DEX on Harmony chain)

Edit: including LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/thedefier/


Thank you for applying. This is being reviewed and will respond.

What would a successful period of development with Pickle Finance look like to you? Assuming you worked with Pickle for 6 months, what would you want to be able to say at the end of 6 months?