[PIP-27 Candidate Submission] Full-Stack Developer

Hey everybody, Hope everybody is doing well and staying safe.

Here’s my proposal for the Developer role on Pickle’s core team.

I have been working as a developer for 8 years and have worked with several languages like C/C++, JavaScript, TypeScript, PHP, Python, Java, Solidity and I would like to share some info about me.

My main work was in Web and Mobile development and I have used React/React-Native/Node.js/GraphQL/Restful API/PostgreSQL/MongoDB. Here are some of my previous works.


As Defi is trending and many developers are working on the Defi area, I also jumped into Defi and learned great things. Recently I have worked on several Defi Projects like Deus Finance, Adept Camp…
In Deus Finance, I worked as a Front-End Developer - I built https://vote.deus.finance/ for stocks voting. I have used React.js/web3.js/ethers.js in this project.
In the Adept Camp, I worked as a full-stack(Solidity/React) developer, I’ve built their governance token(AC), stacking AC contracts, and website, and JAM Cash which is a fork of Basis-Cash.

On the other hand, I worked with other blockchains like waves and I made a BTFC swap as a waves exchange site. There, I used waves.exchange framework for connecting waves.exchange account to the website and let the users buy, sell, send, stake, and faucet BTFC.

The most important thing is that I worked at PICKLE already as a freelancer.
I made BAS-DAI, MIS-USDT jar, and those are in review and haven’t been launched yet.

Having worked on the pickle project and have an extensive understanding about the project.

Currently, I am working on the other Defi project but I can work 20 ~ 30 hours per week in the Pickle team for sure. I am spending all my time on development while sleeping a few hours a day and trying to learn new things and make new things. Creativity is my slogan and I will try my best.
Thanks, everybody for reading.


Thank you for applying. This is being reviewed and we will respond.

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I appreciate the work you did with the strategy. I used your approach myself to start the Mirror-UST strategy. For that I must thank you!